The Perfect House for Only 36 Lakhs!

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
Diseño y construcción de Casa Blanca en "La Hornilla" por 1.61 Arquitectos, 1.61arquitectos 1.61arquitectos Einfamilienhaus Weiß
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The total price of this beautiful house was just 36 Lakhs and the concept comes the courtesy of Casa Blanca. This is, no doubt an appealing amount to build an entire house that is as elegant and sophisticated as this one. The project has been made within 1291.67 square feet and has been designed for a couple of young lawyers.  The architects of the cabinet 1.61 Architects were responsible for the implementation of this house with rooms distributed in a compact architectural design that left about 50% of the land surface unimpeded to the creation of a  garden . 

The facade of the house depicts a white box, contrasting to the surrounding landscape, integrating it without obfuscate. Join us to know the details of this project.

Rear Facade

The house rests on a green ground holding in a bioclimatic design that defines the interiors. The facade was designed to comfort the interiors and the north facade opens up by means of a shed drawn into a U shape. This covered space effortlessly marks the expansion of the inner living room and master room outwards. The focal point of the design is the inner courtyard where a tree emphasizes on the relationship with nature well sought through this designer project. This building was proposed following a modern language with simple lines contrasting with the mountainous landscape.

In the Heart of Mountain

The house has been constructed in an area that can be defined as Lost in the Mountains. The location offers all the facilities and existing services like that of larger cities while combining the luxury and quality of life to the nature. 

A plan showing the distribution of spaces

The space distribution makes up a central area around the house that appears as the heart of the house with a tree already discussed above. This space articulates the house, leaving the core for the social room and kitchen and the other as private. The two areas open up to a garden through a corridor that connect both the sectors. Natural light enters the hall through a pergola.

Main Facade

Unlike the rear facade from the north, the Southern facade is completely closed with just blind white walls that extend up to the main facade of the house. The windows opening on the facade opens into the kitchen. In turn, the room opens onto the back garden, ensuring privacy.

Beautiful Courtyard

In this image, we can see the details of the inner heart, corridor connecting the sides of the house. The central tree offers a unique architectural character and merges the fanciful forms with the nature creating perfect harmony with the strength and purity of straight lines that are distinguished in the house. The pergola details create a set of interesting shadows during the day as if it were ephemeral work of art.

Approaching the Interiors

In this image rendering, we can see the volumes of the modern house in the heart of nature. The large sized window creates a spacious, cool and bright space. Through this, we can see the details of the finishes inside where the stone and some wood accents lend a warm and welcoming style of the house.

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