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18 beautiful ways to have a wooden ceiling in your home

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Klassische Häuser von panelestudio Klassisch
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How you finish your ceiling can make or break a room, so if you're not keen to follow the masses and have a super smooth white installation, perhaps we could tempt you to think about adding some wood when you're remodeling next? 

You'll be shocked at how versatile wood is when it comes to creating amazing visuals up in the higher regions of all your rooms, from kitchens to bedrooms. You never know, you might even have some fabulous beams hiding behind years of plaster! 

Once you've seen our favourite wooden ceilings, we know your architect will be getting a call to see what potential they can explore. Look up to the heavens and enjoy some fabulous inspiration…

1. The contrast of wood and clay is astounding for a terrace roof!

2. Whitewashed wood injects rustic charm into your ceiling

3. You'd get the right kind of cabin fever with an all-wood room

4. Warm and rich, these chunky beams add a textural focal point

5. Painted wooden ceilings look so chic so you can still have the white you love, just in a new way!

6. Sunken spotlights make the most of wood's natural beauty

7. You can go dark and daring and you don't need much more than a small feature to make a hugely impactful ceiling

8. If luxury is your favourite indulgence, how about some ultra-contemporary wooden ceiling décor with mirrored panel?

9. White and natural wood works perfectly together to create a beautiful ceiling

Provence Villa in İstanbul Schlafzimmer im Landhausstil von Orkun İndere Interiors Landhaus
Orkun İndere Interiors

Provence Villa in İstanbul

Orkun İndere Interiors

10. When you want to save heritage wooden beams but they aren't in great condition, a little paint can hide the worst bits and still look good

A cottage of two halves Schlafzimmer im Landhausstil von Forest Eyes Photography Landhaus
Forest Eyes Photography

A cottage of two halves

Forest Eyes Photography

11. In rural homes, exposed wooden beam ceilings are the go-to for a reason

Quaker Barns Klassischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von Hudson Architects Klassisch
Hudson Architects

Quaker Barns

Hudson Architects

12. There's no mistaking this room has some history! Just look at that beautiful and eye-catching wooden ceiling

OPPIDANS ROAD, PRIMROSE HILL Moderne Küchen von E2 Architecture + Interiors Modern
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

13. Roof beams painted white add French country chic to an already pretty ceiling

Vintage Kitchen von Casa Più Arredamenti Landhaus
Casa Più Arredamenti

Vintage Kitchen

Casa Più Arredamenti

14. Maybe not a practical addition for every ceiling, but this wooden sculpture idea certainly shows what's possible

15. Small wooden accents on your ceilings can be more than enough to lift the profile of a room

16. Don't forget to carry your wooden ceilings through to other areas, such as garages and car ports. They'll look great there too!

17. A simple touch is to frame ceiling skylights in wood. What a way to combine a modern design with a traditional and comforting material

Romantic Bedroom von Casa Più Arredamenti
Casa Più Arredamenti

Romantic Bedroom

Casa Più Arredamenti

18. While the ceiling here is all wood, it doesn't feel too much thanks to the sloping shape, which some breathing space

From wooden ceilings to stone walls, check out these: 19 Interior Walls You'll Think Are Stone Cold Stunners.

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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