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The stunning revamp of a drab bungalow

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EFH K4 Moderne Häuser von RK Next Architekten Modern
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German architecture is a fascinating study, with this charming country having adopted a number of diverse European styles over a long architectural history. Today we head to Germany to reveal the astonishing transformation of a typical German bungalow by RK Next Architekten in Bayreuth. EFH K4 was a run-of-the-mill residence with no distinguishing features until the talented architects took it in hand and gave it a stylish and modern makeover! Wood and glass now combine elegantly to create an abode which is the epitome of modern luxury surrounded by landscaped patches of green. The interiors hold a futuristic surprise for you, too!

Before: an ordinary façade

EFH K4 - Vorher: modern  von RK Next Architekten,Modern
RK Next Architekten

EFH K4 – Vorher

RK Next Architekten

We see before us a standard, old-fashioned German bungalow with its white walls, dark tiled roof and unappealing garage door. There is nothing to wow us, and the house and garden look shabby and neglected.

After: a contemporary vision

EFH K4 - Straßenansicht Moderne Häuser von RK Next Architekten Modern
RK Next Architekten

EFH K4 – Straßenansicht

RK Next Architekten

The new look is trendy and stylish! The clean, straight lines of the building together with the elegant wood cladding are a far cry from the tired old façade! The garden has also been neatly tended.

After: a stylish entry

EFH K4 - Straßenansicht II Moderne Häuser von RK Next Architekten Modern
RK Next Architekten

EFH K4 – Straßenansicht II

RK Next Architekten

A closer look at the residence and we see just how sophisticated the long wooden panels are, giving the home a dash of stylish rusticity. The design of the window grilles matches the panelled walls, and the grey door with its smart handle is a trendy touch. The door and window frames have been upgraded to galvanized zinc. The cement path through the greenery is a lovely entry to this beautiful home.

After: the impressive back view

EFH K4 - Gartenansicht Moderne Häuser von RK Next Architekten Modern
RK Next Architekten

EFH K4 – Gartenansicht

RK Next Architekten

The back view of the house reveals a modern delight, replete with large glass windows and an open-plan design. A big thumbs-up to the elegant glass balcony above the cosy patio. The staircase bordered by plants as it runs up the natural slope of the land is a lovely addition.

After: a view to remember

EFH K4 - Aussicht Moderne Häuser von RK Next Architekten Modern
RK Next Architekten

EFH K4 – Aussicht

RK Next Architekten

The intelligent use of large glass windows on the upper floor ensures a marvellous panoramic view of the mountain range in the distance!

After: the magic of grass

EFH K4 - Besprechnung Moderne Wände & Böden von RK Next Architekten Modern
RK Next Architekten

EFH K4 – Besprechnung

RK Next Architekten

The dining area is a futuristic dream! Should we gaze at the artificial turf ceiling with its snazzy futuristic lights or should we look in wonder at the green stools and ergonomic chairs? Illuminated by ample natural light, the white and green colour palette is cool and refreshing, and contrasts prettily with the brown window frames. It is the perfect setting for enjoying a meal!

After: the reading nook

EFH K4 - Empfang Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von RK Next Architekten Modern
RK Next Architekten

EFH K4 – Empfang

RK Next Architekten

The solid black, white and brown décor of this neat little space is ideal for a spot of cosy and peaceful reading! The huge lights on the ceiling ensure sufficient brightness and look stylish too.

RK Next Architekten’s makeover of a typical old residence into an open-plan, stylish home that combines both rustic and futuristic elements, has been executed with flair. Check out another before & after story for more ideas: The inspiring makeover of a seriously tiny home.

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