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20 Chic Ideas for Wood Palettes

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von Biogibson Rustikal
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Getting creative with palette wood can be chic in any room of the house, from the garden, to the bedroom, even to the bathroom. Whether you're stuck for ideas on what to build, or you have a design but are looking for some cool features to add, you'll find inspiration among these 20 creative palette designs. 

1. Add Wheels

You can make any palette furniture more functional by adding wheels. 

2. New Styles

industriell  von Biogibson, Industrial Holz Holznachbildung

Don't be afraid to disassemble those palettes to create new styles for your furniture.  

3. Sea-side

In beach environments a nice white stain will make your cost-effective furniture looks luxurious. 

4. Deck Chairs

Der Sitz Ferdl: industriell  von palettenmoebel.at,Industrial

Der Sitz Ferdl


You don't need to spend a pretty penny to get those huge deck chairs, just make them! 

5. Add Colour

von Equilibra Rustikal

Too often palette wood goes unstained! Instead, use them to add some colour to your garden. 

6. Eclectic Furniture

von Equilibra Rustikal

Those same colours can be used to brighten up virtually any space in your home. 

7. Bed Frames

von Biogibson Rustikal

You can create a dramatic look with palette bed frames, especially if you're willing to go bright. 

8. Functional Bed-side Table

Palettenmöbel - Nachtschrank "Natur" von starg Rustikal

Palettenmöbel – Nachtschrank Natur


This genius little creation can side on top of the bed and act as a table for mealtime! 

9. Shelving

Industriale Arbeitszimmer von homify Industrial

If you have more books than you know what to do with, you can add lots of shelving to store it all with palette wood. 

10. Bathroom

Have you ever seen palette wood used in the bathroom before? Neither have we! But we imagine you'll need a heavy duty stain to keep the moisture out, so make sure you confirm with a professional

11. Wild Print

If you're making your own furniture, why not give it some special touches that fit your personal style and uses? This wild fabric and the book storage are two great examples of personalization. 

12. Shelving Stain

Wandregal von Palettano Rustikal



To make your palette shelving more elegant, apply a dark stain. You don't notice it's recycled wood at first glance! 

13. Garden Stage

Now is the time to build a little something extra for the garden pots. This design keeps them feeling unified and makes them easy to move! 

14. Chalkboard Accesories

If you have a little spot in your home where you need to hang things, whether for your chalk, your keys, or your hats, palette wood is a great solution. 

15. More Storage

Need a spot for the kid's toys? Consider building some larger palette wood containers. 

16. Bedside Beauty

You can convert simple palette wood furniture into any kind of style. See some more bedroom examples here

17. Floating Bed

Light-weight palette wood makes all kind of fun swing designs possible! 

18. Medium Stains

von asdf Rustikal

If you're contrasting the wood with green, use a rich medium stain to make everything feel warm and bright. 

19. Pair with Other Wood

You can surround a favourite piece of wood furniture with palette furniture that adds function and matches. 

20. Go Dark

Terrasse Mediterraner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von homify Mediterran



Don't be afraid to add deep dark stains, or paint, to add sophistication to your palette wood designs. 

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VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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