40 Great Ideas to Plan a Small Kitchen

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We, at Homify, already know that most of our readers are keenly interested to know how to plan small spaces and thus, our professionals develop several such projects. No matter this topic is always going to be engaging and interesting as housing in big cities in modern times is becoming smaller. Thus, modern housing is definite, practical and efficient planning results. One of the most active rooms in the house that asks for too much convenience in our daily routine is the kitchen area. When we have a smaller area to draw such spaces then it takes a lot of time and breaking the head to develop functional and modern kitchen solutions, so planning well is the only solution.

When planned, a small kitchen becomes warm and can accommodate more people than we imagined. It becomes an easier place for operations and cooking. Now you must be considering what should be done at this time, here are some ideas:

In a small kitchen lighting is the utmost requirement and it is directly related to colors. Dark colors create a comfortable and warm room but require more elaborate lighting to prevent the environment from appearing congested. On the other hand, light colors in small space create a lively feel. 

Another effective trick to bring a sense of spaciousness and volume to the area is to use a  mirror to reflect and enhance the depth Or deploy a clean decoration so that the eyes do not get tired to watch the space. The organization is of paramount importance, since a disorganized kitchen is impractical and can even be stressful at the time to cook or clean, so it is interesting to systematize the most of the place of each object. 

Focus should also be laid on accessories and organization of utensils. For food lover, it might be a big challenge as they carry so many devices and love to have them all in their sight. Think of intelligent system cabinets, drawers, shelves and other storage ideas. A nifty solution that will favor the space gain is to use movable accessories, shelves developed to suit complicated corners or folding doors are an excellent option.

Niches are a key player in contemporary interior architecture, in small environments can be embedded in the masonry, so as not to just stand out but save a lot of space. Thus, it serves not only to store, but also decorates the kitchen. 

In the absence of length, enjoy full height, installing cabinets or shelves to the ceiling. This technique should be designed carefully so as not to cause a sense of shrinking ceilings. Whenever possible, have a built -in kitchen is a big plus. Check out examples of a perfect union between kitchen and dining room ! 

To better illustrate the points that we are dealing, in this article we will visit several small kitchens that are planned effectively, to prove that any environment has a lot of potential, regardless of their size. Come with us and be inspired to plan your next kitchen and make it in your favorite environment!

1-Drawer is an effective solution to take full advantage of the available area.

Harbourside kitchen, Tim Jasper Tim Jasper Landhaus Küchen

2-White finishes will give the feeling of spaciousness and ensure improved lighting.

3-Shelves and brilliant lighting create a modern atmosphere and leave the day-to-day much simpler cuisine.

4-Taking advantage of all the space with cabinets to the ceiling. This is a great idea for compact kitchens.

homify Moderne Küchen

5- A long bench transforms the kitchen into a multipurpose room that can be used up as a home office.

6-To gain more work space, the microwave can be fixed suspended and it will be even more practical.

Proyecto Constitució , Dröm Living Dröm Living Industriale Küchen Schränke und Regale

7-Integrated environments are increasingly used because they are extremely practical and perfect for small houses

8-Good lighting and organization leaves the area functional and clean.

9- Colored finishes bring much charm to the kitchen!

10 Built-in lighting cabinets is an intelligent solution for the countertop.

homify Minimalistische Küchen MDF Weiß

11- The combination of black and white is a classic that goes very well even in kitchens.

Apartamento DE, Arquitetura 1 Arquitetura 1 Minimalistische Küchen Weiß

12- Embedded furnaces will optimize the space and leave more area practice routine.

homify Minimalistische Küchen Granit Schwarz

13- Using a combination of unusual colors, such as yellow bench, make up a fun atmosphere to the environment.

14- Stylish and modern, this kitchen is simple and functional.

Casa R, Architrek Architrek Moderne Küchen

15- Practical and sociable design with the coupled benches make the kitchen the ideal place to cook with friends.

16 Compact and attractive, the cupboards and cabinets help to organize the space and green tones in pale leave the pleasant and gracious.

Remodelação T4 . Bairro de Alvalade, Lisboa, atelier B-L atelier B-L Ausgefallene Küchen

17- A simple and smart design is the key to the ideal kitchen. Thus, size does not matters!

18- Cabinets to the ceiling in varied sizes and colors leave the more dynamic environment.

Residência Goiânia/GO, Donakaza Donakaza Moderne Küchen

19- How about a super compact kitchen? This creative idea hides a small kitchen in the closet.

20-Board for cutting, expand your counter top as needed.

21- Contrast between black and vibrant colors for a cheerful and modern kitchen.

22- Organized, integrated and inventive. Wood goes very well with white, creating a harmonious and cozy atmosphere.

23- Smooth surfaces and a sophisticated design results in a minimalist and clean kitchen.

Devies Cook Company , Txell Alarcon Txell Alarcon Moderne Küchen Beleuchtung

24- Bet on a decor that reflects your personality for a cozy home.

25- Kitchen and joined canopy in small homes will leave it practical and comprehensive.

26- Many drawers and shelves for efficient organization, coupled with good lighting and modern colors.

27- Niches for bottles and multi functional bench are indispensable in a kitchenette.

homify Moderne Küchen

28- Refrigerator built into niche will create organized and modern kitchen.

Cozinha, DecaZa Design DecaZa Design Moderne Küchen MDF Mehrfarbig

29- Bordered by the workbench, the transition from integrated environments is subtle and natural.

homify Moderne Küchen

30-A suitable lighting design makes the most intelligent environments. The light directed to the counter and diffuse into space in general, facilitates the different activities.

31- Have a classic atmosphere with clean and modern design elements.

Projeto R9, Estúdio 12b Estúdio 12b Moderne Küchen

32- For a rustic style, neutral colors and natural finishes are essential.

33- Direct-lighting and miscellaneous inserts, modern choices that leave the beautiful kitchen.

34- If your kitchen is long, emphasize the depth to optimize space and ensure a feeling of spaciousness.

35- Compact and integrated, the leap from kitchen and living room is bounded from the floor.

36- Functional and smart bench based on masonry.

37- Affordable solutions create a caring atmosphere. Close the cabinet with curtain is an easy way to renew the air of your kitchen.

38-The baseless counter creates a subtle and transparent limit.

Residência Goiânia/GO, Donakaza Donakaza Moderne Küchen

39- Country look and DIY with rustic furniture and wooden crates.

Apartamento A+D, Estúdio 102 Estúdio 102 Moderne Küchen

40- Lighting for all sides and hydraulic tile finish offers modern and wonderful cuisine!

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