Ready in 45 days, this 65m² prefab house has space for everything

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Ready in 45 days, this 65m² prefab house has space for everything

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Moderner Multimedia-Raum von MapOut Modern
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Would you believe us if we told you that a home can be built in just 45 days? Probably not! But that is exactly what the builders of Mapout managed to achieve with this home – the Casa 2020. With an eye on the World Architects Congress 2020, the builders have created a prefabricated home that is fuss free and handsome at the same time! In its design, urban style meets environmentally sound architecture. The cost of the dwelling is a mere 1200-1500 euros per square foot, which includes planning, transportation, foundations and finishing! Let's find out more with this home tour…

​Sunny-side up: the façade

Moderner Garten von MapOut Modern

Set on a green lot, this home's bright orange hue sits well on the simple exterior and makes a cheery statement. The rest of the lot has been left open, with a mere 65sqm taken up by the home itself. An asymmetrical deck of concrete tiles greets you, and a wide path of wood leads you inside…

​Calming cabin: the living room

Moderne Wohnzimmer von MapOut Modern Massivholz Mehrfarbig

The compact home has a cosy seating arrangement set up in one corner. The wooden cabin is lined completely with pine wood, and a window sits squarely on one wall offering a picturesque vista above the grey couch. The large window in front offers scenic views of the area and visually opens up the tight space.

Timber beauty

Moderne Wohnzimmer von MapOut Modern

The outdoors and indoors meet seamlessly in this space, with glorious timber panels leading to the garden. The connectivity of the layers makes for a wonderful fluid design here, and brings a natural touch inside. 

​Expansive good looks

Moderne Küchen von MapOut Modern

The good looks of this space are down to the white and wooden beams which clad the room. This living area is sparsely furnished so that the eye is drawn to the beauty of the various raw elements. The white wall of appliances breaks into an L, and also holds the television. The wooden floor is a perfect complement to the pops of colour offered by the bright red couch and fluorescent legs of the modern grey table. The staircase on the side is also a soothing white to match the walls of the space.

​Calming bedroom

Moderne Schlafzimmer von MapOut Modern

The bedroom has a decidedly calming feel thanks to the beige bedding that matches the pine-hued walls. The window is aligned to the side, and a colourful couch sits nearby. The nested tables have a classic appeal, too. 

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