44 pallet ideas that you can directly copy

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44 pallet ideas that you can directly copy

Camila Boschiero – homify Camila Boschiero – homify
Moderne Kinderzimmer von CAMPU.NET Modern
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This is one of our favorite article type, lots of DIY ideas for your home. Not only that but with a such a versatile piece of wood, the pallet. Here we will give you 44 ideas for you home, indoors and outdoors. You have free license to go nuts on creativity. The list will vary with different styles, industrial, modern, from shabby chic to ultimately luxurious, YES, you've heard us, we used luxurious and pallets in the same sentence. But if this do it yourself is not for you, you can always consult the carpenter, an experts who can produce wonderful bespoke pieces of furniture. 

Shall we begin our list? 

1. Seating for a marvellous garden and terrace

Das Sofa Hermann: industriell  von palettenmoebel.at,Industrial

Das Sofa Hermann


2. A nice coffee table with a simple finish and some legs

3. Eco-friendly living look: this can also be used indoors!

4. A pallet coffee table that can be used anywhere in the garden by adding four wheels

5. A pallet couch… why not!

6. Paint the pallet to match the room

7. The perfect hardy approach to outdoor furniture

8. Who says pallet furniture can't be comfortable?

9. Sophisticated and tropical

10. A sitting area in white

Palettenlounge "Lulatsch" (groß): industriell  von Paletten-Style,Industrial Holz Holznachbildung

Palettenlounge Lulatsch (groß)


11. Sturdy and unique with a dark stain

industriell  von Biogibson, Industrial Holz Holznachbildung

12. Warm and cosy pallet sofa

Garden corner unit von Pallet furniture uk Ausgefallen
Pallet furniture uk

Garden corner unit

Pallet furniture uk

13. Palettes that pass as fine furniture

von Equilibra Rustikal

14. How about adding some colour to the garden?

von Equilibra Rustikal

15. All you need to do is add some cut glass!

16. Accent lighting for a dramatic approach

18. Palette deck chairs in vibrant primary colours – phew!

Der Sitz Ferdl: industriell  von palettenmoebel.at,Industrial

Der Sitz Ferdl


19. You can also create decorative furniture

von asdf Rustikal

20. Cheap and easy – and perfect for a light meal

21. A bed and sofa in one!

22. A pale pallet bed with a headboard

von Biogibson Rustikal

23. Simple pallet bed

: industriell  von homify,Industrial

25. Push the design even further

von Biogibson Rustikal

26. Or keep it small and simple

27. Create the world's cheapest bedside table

Palettenmöbel - Nachtschrank "Natur" von starg Rustikal

Palettenmöbel – Nachtschrank Natur


28. Shabby chic bedside table

Pallet Bedside Table von Piggledy Pallet Furniture Minimalistisch Holz Holznachbildung
Piggledy Pallet Furniture

Pallet Bedside Table

Piggledy Pallet Furniture

29. Recycled dinner table

Design-Esstisch-aus-alter-Palette-: industriell  von La maison,Industrial
La maison


La maison

30. A boho reading nook

Weinkisten mit Anti-Holzwurm-Wärmebehandlung von Johannes Hanke - DeineWeinkiste.de
Johannes Hanke – DeineWeinkiste.de

Weinkisten mit Anti-Holzwurm-Wärmebehandlung

Johannes Hanke - DeineWeinkiste.de

31. The perfect accompaniment for vintage lovers

32. A stylish solution with glass and white paint

33. It doesn't have to look cheap…

34. A multipurpose approach

35. An entire room filled with crates

Industriale Arbeitszimmer von homify Industrial

36. Rotate the pallet to create a shelf

Wandregal von Palettano Rustikal



37. Who would have guessed it's cheap?!

38. Wall-mounted storage

39. A bright idea for gardeners

40. Perfect for a plant stand

41. Pallet steps

42. Beautiful hanging garden

43. Environmentally-friendly design

44. We can't think of anything better than a pallet wall!

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VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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