From terrible to tranquil: this renovation you have to see!

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Reforma de Apartamento: el antes y el despues, cota-zero, tenica y construcción integrada, s.l. cota-zero, tenica y construcción integrada, s.l.
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Creating a unique, relaxing and stylish home inside four walls is sometimes not so easy. But that's exactly what the team at COTA-ZERO have managed to do in this city apartment. Despite the low ceilings, and it's limited size, the architects have created a home that is luxurious, peaceful, pragmatic and bright. 

They have paid attention to the details, used plenty of wood, and focused on opening up the space. So now, this city apartment is no longer the dark and gloomy dwelling it was before, but instead, a tranquil home for rest and rejuvenation. Sometimes we need the help of some talented professionals to work their magic and make a property live up to it's potential.   

Before: A Terrible Mess

Looking at the state of the property before the design team got their hands on it, is quite a scary sight. The wide pillars in the middle of the room, low doorways, unfinished walls and outdated flooring make this home a difficult project to make right. Much work was needed to get it to it's current state… .

After: A Cozy Nest

What a transformation! The plastering is finished, floorboards are replaced, large lights have been installed, and plenty of classic wooden furniture, and wooden shelves are now added. The large glass ranch slider is a bonus to let as much light in and saves this room from feeling too cramped. Now this is a cozy, homely nest.  

Before: The Balcony of Horrors

Uninspiring, lacklustre and closed off. The balcony before was not a place you would want to spend much time in. Luckily the design team had a genius idea that would change the whole space…

After: A Zen Garden At Altitude

They took out that dated window with frosted glass and installed a floor to ceiling glass sliding door – and what a difference it makes! It extends the whole interior that much further out, and adds a valuable area to the property. By covering the ground and wall with wooden planks this balcony garden is now peaceful and natural. Hanging pot plants and a vertical garden are perfectly suited to urban spaces like this one. Also the lighting installed on the ceiling adds to the warm, inviting atmosphere we now have out here.  

For more great ideas for small balconies and patios, take a look at this inspiring collection.

The Bedroom: Light And Bright

The master bedroom fits into the same aesthetic as the rest of the home – minimal, tranquil, and serene. Again, the wooden floorboards really transform the whole feeling of the room and balance out the crispness of the white walls. Lighting plays a major part in the makeover, making everything bright, warm and inviting. The frosted glass window is a great design feature that adds dimension, and even more light.   

A Streamlined Kitchen With Skylight

And to top it all off – a stunning, minimalist kitchen. In contrasting grays and whites, this is a kitchen that means business. It's streamlined, uncomplicated and functional. There is plenty of cupboard space and bench space, making this one easy kitchen for anyone to use. The skylight added to the center of the room is crucial here. It saves this kitchen becoming dark and depressing, tucked into the back of the home. 

As you can see, light was one of the most important features the architects really thought about. By concentrating on what made this home undesirable (dark, cramped corners), and fixing the problems (installing lights and more glass), they have made this home unique and cozy. We hope it inspires you to do the same! 

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