10 Dreamy Inspirational Family Houses

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It takes years for us to plan and build our dream houses, and when we do, we want everything to be just perfect. After all, it is not just a house, it is a home where we build our memories and watch kids grow up.

To help you get some inspiration, we have scoured through the ends to list out 10 of the most blissful and dreamy family houses. These homes are so stunning that you wouldn't even think a second before moving in to them.

​Vibrant Lights

If you are a person of warm colors and vibrant lights, then this house should be your first pick. Warm colors surround this house in ultimate bliss and it represents ultimate sophistication. 

Wooden textures make the house a true delight. Even the outdoors hold a green charm with glossy finish. 

Mediterranean House

Mediterranean architecture is always striking no matter what color or dimension you chose. While the colors can range from hues of greens and blues to the shades of orange, it is often inspired by natural surroundings. The landscaping, warm orange tiles, pink flowers, and the stone garden is nothing less than a dream house.  We even love the colonial style doors and the classic vintage touch here.

​Linear Construction

Square and rectangular shapes hold the beauty of the house in all corners. Warm shades have been used here which makes this house the first choice for those who like to keep things simple and classic. Huge doors and windows offer fresh charm and let the sunshine make its way into the house, making mornings absolutely blissful in the house

​Roofs, pitches, and pools

Just a glance at this house brings in a feeling of wellness, ease, and comfort.  Two large pillars define the entrance of the home and the staircase leads us to the front door. 

Adding comfort to the outdoor is the landscape of the garden which is ideal for unwinding the day. What caught our attention here was the wooden bridge that takes you to the pool. The deck chairs have been lined aptly to make sunbathing a relaxing experience.

​Mirror House

This is no illusion, but an example of architectural perfection. Known as the mirror house, this home creates an illusion of mirrored reflection. From the pathway to the seating arrangements, everything is mixed and match to bring luxury and style side by side.

​Modern home with a Twist

This family home is chic, stylish, minimalist, and it instantly gives you that home-y vibe. With the glass interspersed throughout,natural light enters the house from every corner, and the house proves to have an unrivaled charm.

​Eco-friendly house

The people living in this house would never need a vacation because this eco-friendly house is the very definition of relaxing and unparalleled comfort

​Green Outdoor

Another house with greenery all around, this one instantly makes you feel at home with its warm colours and relaxing garden.

​Edgy House

The house blends into the landscape with its edgy features giving us a true joy of nature. Even though, it a big house with quite a concrete architecture, the delicacies have been maintained effortlessly. The natural tones let the house blend with the surrounding with utmost ease. 

Combining traditional and contemporary tones


This house in Indore, adds grandeur with traditional and contemporary tones and the end result is just exquisite.

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