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40 amazing ways to use palettes in your home

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Between financial limitations and a crowded real estate market we can't always choose our ideal house, but with a little design flair, and some help from our homify experts, you can turn any space into your dream home! All you need is a little know-how to inject your personality into the design of your home, and the best way to do that is with colour!

There's really no limitations to the colour combinations you can use in your home, the key is to ensure that they're complementary, and fit the theme the you have chosen. Whether it be bright summery colours with sky blues and vibrant yellows, or a more moody atmospheric colour scheme, or even allowing the colour of your home to be dictated by nature with organic materials like stone or wood, there's so many different ways to beautify your home, and that's exactly what we're looking at today.

So let's get into 40 amazing ways to use colour palettes to give your home a personal flavour that will be sure to impress!

1. Neon features

With a monochromatic base of black and white, this kitchen injects some splashes of serious colour, with the lime green feature and the hanging lamps. This is a great way to use bright fun colours without overwhelming a room.

2. Sophistication and class

homify Moderne Wohnzimmer

This luxurious looking room uses ample lighting to cast a warm glow onto a rich and sophisticated colour palette to fantastic effect. The leopard print armchair is a great touch, fitting the scheme perfectly.

3. A golden sheen

This refined aesthetic uses shades of gold to set the tone amongst white and black, for a sense of understated luxury

4. Warm and inviting

A great idea is to pair colours with the natural materials involved. The stone feature wall here develops the colour of the hardwood floor, which is then complemented by strong oranges in the fantastically unique lamp and couch cushions.

5. A refreshing teal

This kitchen oozes cool. It's a great idea to use a neutral colour for the walls, so that you can get more creative with the furniture as we can see with these gorgeous teal cabinets.

6. Sci-fi chic

Modern open plan kitchen with island Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Moderne Küchen MDF Beige
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Modern open plan kitchen with island

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

This futurist colour scheme uses glossy whites and greys, and looks like the kitchen of a spaceship! The bright blue features are a great addition, adding a little more flair.

7. Black and white

​Contemporary, modern minimalist design open plan kitchen made by Schmidt Barnet Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Minimalistische Küchen MDF Weiß
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

​Contemporary, modern minimalist design open plan kitchen made by Schmidt Barnet

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

An old classic, this is a great way to create a minimalist modern feel. Black and white can work for any room in the house, but as we see here it's generally best to use white as the base, and black for features such as window frames and furniture.

For more great ways to use a black and white palette check out this article!

8. Lilac wine

Soft purples like lilac produce a cute aesthetic sure to brighten even the most difficult days. A great way to add a feminine touch.

9. Where the future meets the past

Open plan Shaker style classic modern kitchen with island and dining table Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Rustikale Küchen MDF Grau
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Open plan Shaker style classic modern kitchen with island and dining table

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

We generally associate stone with being rustic and hearty, but if you pair it with more contemporary furniture you get a great look that's simultaneously traditional and chic.

10. An autumnal palette

Browns are a great way to get that funky autumn look, like in this fabulous seventies throwback. You can also contrast the tones of the brown, seen here with the lighter carpet against the reddish cushions.

11. Geometric patterns

We generally think of a feature wall as one bold colour in a neutral environment, but you can actually use multiple colours with a geometric pattern. Here we see a bright yellow that could be a little overpowering, but paired with white and off-white within the hexagonal pattern it simply adds character.

12. Dark and modern

Dark colours can be difficult to work with as you don't want to suck the life out of a room, but with a little help from our homify professionals it can look very cool and trendy.

13. Light and airy

Light pastel colours look great together, especially when you stick to one end of the spectrum. These gentle blues and purples will have you floating in the clouds.

14. Marble

A great way to add texture to your colour palette is with natural materials, and marbled stones are a great way to go. There are lots of colours you can choose from, and they will change appearance according to light. The suggestion of pink here looks marvellous.

15. Deep blue features

A feature wall is great for when you're in love with a colour, but you know that if you go wall to ceiling it will overwhelm the room. Deep blues are a classic favourite, and always look great, and we love how they've mixed up complementary neutrals for the shelves.

16. Classic luxury

For a more regal appearance consider luxurious whites and creams that will make you feel like you're at a royal tea party.

17. Monochromatic blue

A monochromatic palette is a great way to unify the theme of the room, as we see here where various shades of blue are complemented by whites and greys, and even a few cheeky hints of yellow, because hey, there's no rules here!

18. Deep purple

We don't often think of the floor as setting the tone of the room, but the deep purple tiles here add a subtle touch of colour, as well as a richness that really benefits the atmosphere.

19. Sumptuous reds

Nothing says romantic like a red rose, and that's exactly why red works so well in the bedroom. Those rich velvet curtains are fantastic, and really pop when paired with the more neutral bedspread.

20. Tiny splashes

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Moderne Küchen MDF Weiß
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Sometimes a little colour goes a long way. Using some bold bright colours for those little details like shelves and cabinet handles add vibrancy and energy to any room.

21. Offset colours with grey

This room could easily have too much going on, between the recessed blue light and the multicoloured cushions, but it's all offset by the grey feature which adds a much needed dose of neutrality.

22. Blood orange

The hardwood floors and concrete ceilings have allowed the decorators to go all out with bright orange walls, which are further enhanced by those bright reds in the chairs and stools.

23. Use lights

We all know that light plays a major role in any colour scheme, but very rarely do we consider using coloured lights! These recessed lights cast a fabulous blue hue over the otherwise neutral room.

24. A cosy cottage

Transport yourself to simpler times with some rustic charm by using traditional bricks and natural woodgrain. Bricks come in a variety of colours to suit your tastes, and the painting the wooded cabinet doors in soft pastels adds an adorable touch without losing that organic feel.

25. Go pink!

Badezimmer im Dachgeschoss von Mann Architektur GmbH Rustikale Badezimmer
von Mann Architektur GmbH

Badezimmer im Dachgeschoss

von Mann Architektur GmbH

We think soft pinks always look so cosy and relaxing, especially by candlelight!

26. Orange brick and blue

Your classic orange and red bricks always look fantastic, but they look really great paired with this stormy blue.

27. Consider the environment

homify Moderne Wohnzimmer

Some colours we can't choose, and we wouldn't want to if we could! If you have large windows in your living room your garden is already setting the tone, but so many things work great with green, especially here where the purple sofas and bright cushions suggest a gorgeous flower garden.

28. Refreshing whites

Engel & Völkers Bodrum Engel & Völkers Bodrum Moderne Schlafzimmer
Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

A cool and light palette is a great way to cool down in hotter climates, which is why it always has such summer vibe to it. By going all white, you're then free to add details of whatever other colours you like, they'll all look great!

29. Don't be shy!

This feature wall consists of pretty much every colour there is, and it looks fantastic! Don't get too bogged down on what you should and shouldn't do, or you might find yourself missing an opportunity for a fantastic feature piece like this!

30. A private trattoria

Go for a traditional Italian theme with olive greens set against natural materials to feel like you're in your very own restaurant!

31. Bright pastels

This look is so much fun, plus it allows you to have a little fun with the furniture; look how much colour they've packed into the sofa and chairs!

32. Summery yellows

Yellow is a bright and cheery colour that perks up any room, and when you use glossy materials it pairs nicely with blacks and silvers.

33. Varying wood tones

Casa Evans A4estudio Moderne Schlafzimmer

Casa Evans


Tap into the natural variations in wood by mixing up the tones for an exciting and lively feel.

34. Industrial chic

As the line blurs between industrial and residential areas in expanding cities, industrial style has been a great addition to the many decor options available. Using recycled materials like concrete and brick adds an edge to your design, and complimented with black steel looks fantastically modern.

35. Use the whole rainbow!

homify Moderne Kinderzimmer Holz Weiß

This colour scheme has us wishing we were kids again. By setting the rainbow theme with that fantastic rug they're able to mix up the colours of the bedsheets without it looking haphazard. Don't be afraid to be a little whimsical!

36. Winter

Haus Dessau Deutscher Traumhauspreis 2014 STREIF Haus GmbH Klassische Wohnzimmer

Haus Dessau Deutscher Traumhauspreis 2014


Going with a winter palette will make you feel especially cosy, plus it will help to cool your house in the summer!

37. Accessories and appliances

To really get a theme going, consider the colours of the accessories and appliances in your home, and match them to a feature piece. Here the red of the breakfast bar finds expression in the toaster, and even the blender, which is a creative way to spread the colour throughout your home.

38. A living breathing colour palette

Greens always look great, plus tradition holds that just looking at green will help you to make money! Filling your home with plants is a clever way to achieve this, and add some life into your home.

39. Keep it flexible

With enough natural light black looks sleek and modern, but even better, by making that black a chalkboard you can add whatever colours you please depending on your mood that day! This is a fantastic idea for creative types.

40. Modern grey

Far from the stereotype of being dull and drab, when done right a grey palette looks trendy and chic.

We hope these colours have got you ready to get started choosing the right palette to make your home look amazing. For more great interior decorating tips, check out these great ways to cover your walls!

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