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Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
House Borstlap, Coetzee Alberts Architects Coetzee Alberts Architects
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The beautiful home we visit today underwent a radical transformation to become a comfortable, elegant and sophisticated living space. The house is situated in Mossel Bay, South Africa, and enjoys natural sunshine, a relaxing environment and modern features, while also being functional and practical. The feature we concentrate on in this edition of homify 360, is the annexe that connects aspects of the home with each other. There are some awesome ideas included in this feature that are easy to recreate in your own home too. Let’s get started!

Excellent extension

The extension area of this home is modern and sophisticated. The architects ensured that natural light and a comfortable atmosphere are the featured attractions in this dwelling. The indoor barbecue and terrace opens out onto the garden, creating a serene environment.

Before: the terrace

This is the terrace and annexe area prior to the revamp. It was a large, undertilised space with very little access to sunshine and fresh air. But, we’ve already seen the welcomed makeover, and we adore the new design.

Lovely barbecue zone

This fun annexe ensures that the home is functional in terms of space, allowing zones to be integrated with each other. The warm colour palette is an excellent choice for décor, creating a cosy and friendly ambiance. The barbecue area is easily accessible from the house, and with a garden view this gorgeous, we may never want to leave! The sliding doors are an excellent, sophisticated choice for both style and simplicity.

Open plan

The additional space is connected to the rest of the home in a subtle, yet contemporary manner. And the spacious open-plan layout is just so wonderful too. Each corner of this home is great for entertaining and socialising, and there’s no better way to do so, then over a wholesome meal and fantastic conversation. The lighting of the home is sensational, with no hidden and dark corners adding a gloomy effect.

Rustic comfort

There’s something so comforting about rustic home design! The details are cosy and functional, but also maintain an elegant appearance. A living room such as this is probably unconventional, with a casual dining area and a grill just metres away. And have you noticed the brilliant illumination of this interior? It certainly makes for a fantastic living space, doesn’t it?

Modern kitchen

Although the rest of this abode has a rustic appearance, the kitchen is unbelievably modern and sleek. The lighting is striking, which is a necessity in any home cooking area. There are more than enough workspaces for meal preparation, and the open layout of this kitchen is an amazing choice for this modern home. Neutral cabinets and modern appliances add to the chic appearance. If you loved this cosy house, take a look at: Simple country life: A home of ease and charm.

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