Horror gallery: 23 pictures of completely disgusting kitchens

Leigh Leigh
Maison de ville à BISCHHEIM, Agence ADI-HOME Agence ADI-HOME
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At homify, we love showing you beautiful interior designs, fabulous architecture and top-notch decor. Often this can involve some serious before and after photographs, where we saw horrific homes transform into modern masterpieces.

The kitchen is one room in the house that we see undergo changes most often. This is because as technology in the kitchen space changes as well as the way that families interact with one another, kitchen designs become quite outdated quite quickly. While we can make our own small changes to update this room in the house regularly, we may need to seek advice from top design professionals too every now and then.

Today, we are going to explore 22 completely outdated, old-fashioned and disgusting kitchens so that you truly get a sense of how important it is to look after this room in the house. Just be warned, some may leave you feeling quite horrified!

1. That colour scheme – seriously?

Residência Goiânia/GO, Donakaza Donakaza Moderne Küchen

2. Build a kitchen that flows onto the rest of the home so that you have a spacious, light and bright area for the whole family

After exploring these awful kitchens, you may want to look at some more modern and trendy designs. Have a look at these 40 kitchen styles to leave you speechless.

3. Dull colours with bright neon ceiling lights that create an uncomfortable ambiance

4. A kitchen converted from a cramped and old-fashioned room into a modern and slick design

5. This is a homely kitchen but it is very outdated

6. Empty spaces and clinical colours make for a kitchen with no heart or soul

7. By not utilising storage space you end up with a kitchen cluttered with cutlery, crockery and utensils

8. This run-down and abandoned home featured a room that barely resembled a kitchen

9. Lack of light and dark wooden floors make even the biggest of kitchens look dingy

10. This kitchen is homely but is in need of a modern twist.


11. A lot of work goes into the building of a kitchen – it can look like a disaster zone during the remodeling or construction


12. Visible pipes running down the walls don't make for a very attractive cooking area

13. If a kitchen or home isn't looked after or well-maintained, it can end up looking like this

homify Moderne Küchen

14. Your kitchen should have a bit of colour and charm in it, unlike this bland space

homify Moderne Küchen

15. This is a disaster zone of pipes, wires and tools

16. While colour and charm are important, choose colours that complement one another

17. In this kitchen, we can see how the colours and tones clash, creating a very unappealing space

18. The space in this kitchen could be better utilised with a kitchen island or a breakfast bar

Reforma integral en Santa Pola (Urb. Marbella), Novodeco Novodeco

19. Update the accessories in your kitchen for convenience and trend so you don't get stuck in the dark ages

Réhabilitation d'une usine à Argenteuil, Alice Bizien Alice Bizien

20. Invest in plenty of natural light however possible when designing your kitchen


21. Keep your kitchen well-cleaned and looked after so you don't end up with this horror show

22. Also ensure that every element has a home in your kitchen so that it stays tidy, clean and organised

23. A cramped and crowded kitchen with no space to move

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