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homify Rustikale Häuser
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Prefabricated houses are perfect solutions for small areas, as they are able to adapt to any site and attend to all needs of inhabitants. In this ideabook, we have compiled pictures of a wonderful prefabricated house project which was designed in a rustic style. We will see this ever-popular and charming design style expressed in the use of wood and stone as main materials for the home.

Modular  homes can be preferable for contemporary times in terms of ecological validity and energy-saving capability. Today we have a rustic style modular home for you, which is settled on an area of 720 ft². This modular home offers the opportunity for use according to need, and the parts of the structure can be removed or re-evaluated according to the homeowner's choice. 

For those interested in a small but comfortable house of a mere 720 ft², you have come to the right place to examine a role model project. 


homify Rustikale Häuser

Here we have the entrance area of the home, reflecting a country house air with natural tissue, where the roof over the porch provides a more welcoming appearance. The wooden doors and windows with warm color tones create a harmonious look. This is brought about by the compliance with the natural stone wall texture. White lines frame the windowsills and add an elegant air. 

Traditional roof model

homify Rustikale Häuser

The house is built with rustic style elements, including the use of the density of natural materials. Thus, you can observe the use of the traditional characteristics of natural tissue we often come across on exteriors. Red tile roofing is used to cover the eaves instead of conventional procedures. All in all, the exterior with a natural stone texture complies with the warm colors of wood. Natural textures are very effective in providing a soothing atmosphere.


homify Rustikale Häuser

Modular home models can be composed of wooden frames to give it a more traditional and solid look. The texture of natural stone is provided with the coating materials that can be easily mounted. You may wish to add rustic style items to your home, which can help you achieve the desired appearance of the natural wood or natural stone coverings. The use of natural materials in coatings for a calming atmosphere can provide the added convenience in terms of functionality.

Added depth to walls

homify Rustikale Wohnzimmer

When you have an especially small and narrow interior, options that expand the sense of depth in the room will always be preferable. Therefore, the wooden walls in this room were painted white. The roof frame also emphasizes the ceiling texture. This type of roof forms a visually aesthetic layer that is a suitable approach to the rustic style. This wooden feature of the prefabricated house holds aesthetic appeal as well as being economically and practically viable. 

Simplicity and calm atmosphere

homify Rustikale Schlafzimmer

The corridor is a part of a house that we usually think we can dispense with in a smaller home. Here, however, we can see that the architects planned the spaces very well to make use of the corridor in order to equal and well-distributed access to all rooms from a central living space. Although not as huge in terms of square feet, this option offers ease of use and the type of construction reduces heat loss, ensuring the preservation of energy which has obvious economic benefits. 

This home with its charming rustic exterior sure inspired us, and to extend this inspiration, we also offer you this ideabook on 10 exterior coatings to pimp up your facade. 

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