DIY: 8 garages you can build yourself

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DIY: 8 garages you can build yourself

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
 Garage & Schuppen von Plena Madeiras Nobres, Modern
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The thought of building your own garage might sound like an unrealistic and overwhelming one, but with the right planning and a reasonable outlook, you'll find that there are plenty of solutions for those wanting something unique and simple. 

The garage is not just that part of the home that houses and stores our vehicles, it's also a place for tools, garden equipment and all those little bits and pieces we aren't quite ready to let of yet. But, if you are currently parking in your driveway because you have no more space in the garage, or you don't have a garage at all, then we might just have the solutions you're looking for here. 

Below you will find eight examples of affordable and easy to build garage options. The ideas are quick to plan, and provide you with that much desired, secure off street-parking solution. Sure, some of us don't actually need a garage, but then again – maybe we simply don't know what we're missing. 

1. Front cover

Adding a roof to the front of your driveway is a great solution for a garage like feature, and it's much easier and more affordable than crafting an entire room. This way you can keep an eye on your vehicle and the front yard too, by just checking through the window. The wooden roof is also easy to maintain, so definitely consider it as an option for your home.

2. Steel structure

:  Garage & Schuppen von homify,Modern

This is an excellent idea if you’re hoping for a result that's a bit more security conscious. Although the steel-structure, wooden door and skylight are attractive and neat ideas, they may require a bit more budgeting and planning.

3. Wooden

A pretty pergola style roof is another affordable option for your garage. The pathway leading from the street to the home ensures that your garden stays in perfect condition too.

4. Glass roof

A glass ceiling gives a striking results in terms of style, while also doubling up as a great place to entertain under the stars.

5. Roof tiles

Classic roof tiles make an awesome garage for your driveway too; adding that touch of tradition makes a home seem a lot more cosy and welcoming from the street.

6. Concrete extension

Converting a large and open driveway to a gorgeous concrete garage is an awesome option for your home to look interesting and attractive from all perspectives.

7. Separate building

A garage doesn't need to be connected to the home, especially if it's a shed too. The architects of this adorable example considered the space available to build just about whatever they wanted, and they opted for a a garage. The wooden doors are the perfect fit for an interesting and friendly space.

8. Striking shed

Karibu 28 mm Stufendachgarage, naturbelassen :  Garage & Schuppen von homify,Klassisch

Karibu 28 mm Stufendachgarage, naturbelassen


Here is a wooden shed that is both a garage and storage space for garden essentials. It's a fantastic idea if building a garage onto your home isn't an option, or if you want a cost effective solution. Now that your garage needs are sorted, how about these: 15 ideas to light up the exterior of your home (that look great!)

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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