Wood-Inspired: 10 Wonderful Ideas For Home Decor

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Wood-Inspired: 10 Wonderful Ideas For Home Decor

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
Parabel ; eine Leuchte aus Holz: modern  von Christian Masche Holz Design Skulptur,Modern
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After Thanksgiving and leading up to the holiday season, we become more fond of wood decor in our homes. Outside, the air is colder and the trees are getting more bare each day. Indoors, our fireplaces flickering and we are leaning towards warm tones in our home design. 

We’ve thrown together a list of some wooden decor items that are perfect to decorate your home year round. Some of these ideas also make great gifts for the coming season. What a great way to share your love of interior design with your friends and family. If you need a little extra help this time of year, connect with professionals on homify today to keep your home looking its best. Let’s take a look at some of the wood accessories we love this season.

1. Wreath

Tischkranz für den Herbst:   von homify,Rustikal Holz Holznachbildung

Tischkranz für den Herbst


Handmade elements like mushrooms and leaves make up this autumnal desk wreath. It’s a perfect decor item for a holiday centrepiece on the dining table or to encircle bottles of wine on a bar cart. Natural fibres and textures in your home make it extra inviting during autumn and winter.

2. Vase

Vase Teakholz:   von Amaris Elements,Landhaus
Amaris Elements

Vase Teakholz

Amaris Elements

Everyone deserves to have a lovely flower vase in their home. Not just a cheap glass one, a real decorative piece that looks lovely as it stands alone as well. Made from organically grown teak this curvy vase is working with the natural imperfections in the wood. A great piece that adds character to any room!

3. Candle holder

Create a magical forest atmosphere by putting tea lights in this mushroom shaped candle holder. This piece can create a woodland atmosphere in any room. When you have the right accessories, the style in your home really comes together.

4. Sculpture

wood+ Betonstamm: industriell  von homify,Industrial

wood+ Betonstamm


These birch wood, concrete, and metal chain sculptures are bold pieces for the home. The natural texture of the bark is striking. Organic textures combined with industrial elements make a stylish and thoughtful combination.

5. Wood block

Hocker Teakholz:   von Amaris Elements,Rustikal
Amaris Elements

Hocker Teakholz

Amaris Elements

This is a cheeky piece that we love. This wood block stool doesn’t conform to geometry rules. It’s so easy to build a block out of wood. This piece is incredibly detailed and difficult to create because it forms a cube made of concentric circles. Use this piece in your home as a seat or side table, it’s as beautiful as it is flexible!

6. Glasses cradle

Brillenhalter Holz, weiß, rund alkita:   von Alkita GmbH,Klassisch
Alkita GmbH

Brillenhalter Holz, weiß, rund alkita

Alkita GmbH

This piece is for those who wear glasses and want an ornament to hang them on. Perfect for the bedroom or bathroom so you can take your glasses off before you have a shower. Also, in the summer months, they can hold your sunglasses for you artfully instead of sticking them in a clamshell case. Artful and modern, this is a perfect gift.

7. Piggy bank

gedrechseltes Sparschwein:   von homify,Ausgefallen

gedrechseltes Sparschwein


For children, or those adults who don’t trust banks, store your riches in these bespoke piggy banks. Wood is more shatter-proof than a usual ceramic piggy bank and has more character than a plastic one. It’s a good idea to pick up a few of these because they make great gifts for young children and expecting parents.

8. Pendant lamps

These wooden pendant lamps give every evening a special autumnal glow. They are perfect for the terrace or for the living room. Dark spruce panels allow just a subtle amount of light to shine through. Absolutely a stunning touch of wood for your home.

9. Breakfast tray

Frühstücksbretter für den täglichen Gebrauch:   von Elbholz,Ausgefallen

Frühstücksbretter für den täglichen Gebrauch


Why not start off your day in style with one of these artisanal looking wood breakfast trays? Each tray is handmade and the unique colours and textures of the wood will shine through. This is a great way to enjoy a relaxing breakfast in bed. Is it the weekend yet?

10. Notebook

Klemmbinder - Designobjekte aus antikem Holz: modern  von woodesign Christoph Weißer,Modern
woodesign Christoph Weißer

Klemmbinder – Designobjekte aus antikem Holz

woodesign Christoph Weißer

In a digital world it’s easy to forget the charms of writing with pen and paper. This notebook, crafted with wood, is an excellent place to rekindle the romance of the written word. Perfect for the home or office, this notebook is an impressive piece.

Thank you for checking out our list of wood decor items. We hope you have some inspiration for your home and for your gift list. For more inspiration and design ideas using wood, check out our feature on 9 wood ceilings we love

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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