20 living room ideas to make your guests jealous

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A modern living room is the cornerstone of any fashionable home and if you keep meaning to update your space a little, we have all the tips and tricks that you need, right here! Not everyone enjoys giving a room a total overhaul, so if you want to get the interior designer look for less money and significantly less effort, read on and prepare to be amazed at how simple it is to give your living room a modern feel that will have your friends and family turning green with envy!

1. Use color and texture, together.

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You can do this by simply adding some new cushions to a sofa or changing your sofa covers! Simple!

2. Add various types of lighting.

Main lights, lamps and candles all work well together or separately, so stock up!

3. Mix and match decor styles together.

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If you have some eclectic tastes, let them out to play! Your boldness will look modern!

4. Paint smaller living rooms white.

For a really fresh and modern feel, grab the white paint! It'll only take a day to totally change the space!

5. Maintain a logical layout.

You need to be able to walk around your living room easily, so look to create logical pathways.

6. Add artwork to liven things up.

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Art will never look out of place in a modern living room, so why not get something up on the walls?

7. Try to include some natural wood.

A staple classic in all modern living rooms, natural wood adds warmth and character.

8. Throw in a statement object that captures all the attention.

A fabulous light, a sculpture, some unusual coffee table books. Whatever you choose, really go all out!

9. Play with different textiles.

You have so much scope to add modern textiles to a living room, so pick a starting point! Curtains, cushions, rugs and throws are all fabulous ways to express your tastes.

10. If in doubt, stick to neutrals.

You can never go wrong with a palette of neutral tones, so if you prefer to play safe, reach for the coffee and cream colors!

11. Keep sofas positioned sociably.

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Don't make the mistake of overlooking the inherently sociable nature of a living room! Keep sofas all positioned for maximum snuggling and conversation!

12. Be sure about your flooring choice.

You really can't go wrong with a natural wood floor and you can kill two tips with one stone! Timeless and yet modern, wood is the ultimate flooring choice.

13. Don't overlook small accessories.


Modern doesn't have to mean minimal, so get some funky little ornaments and accessories out on display!

14. Amplify any natural light sources.

If your living room benefits from a good amount of natural sunlight, don't let it go to waste! Strip back any window dressings and let the light in!

15. Make way for plants.

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Big or small, plants will give your living room an instant boost and make it feel far fresher and more modern!

16. Choose something unusual for your walls, if you like.

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Got eclectic and unusual taste? Express it on your walls! Whether you love a good tapestry or can't live without avant-garde art, your walls are the perfect display area!

17. Pick a bold accent color.

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Don't shy away from using a bright accent color if that's what you want! This is your living room, after all!

18. Or choose a few vibrant accents!

Got a few colors that you love? Use them all! Just keep the main body of the room neutral, to maintain the modern feel and you can add in as many accent shades as you like! 

19. Leave space for stunning rugs.


Nothing adds a touch of modern luxury quite like a soft and sumptuous floor rug! You'll never wear slippers again!

20. Make a real feature out of your chimney.

If you have a chimney in your living room, think about cladding it in something fabulous to make more of a feature of it! We love this slate effect!

For more modern home styling tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 stone wall tricks that will give your home a modern twist.

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