Beautiful ceilings for your rooms!

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Beautiful ceilings for your rooms!

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 Schlafzimmer von ESTUDIO GEYA, Modern
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Gone are the days when a plain white ceiling was the cutting edge of design, as nowadays, if you can dream it, you can complete it! Interior designers are constantly being asked to create fantastical ceilings, as a way of injecting style and personality into otherwise rather plain and minimal rooms and the results are simply breathtaking. We've grabbed a few examples to show you today, so why not take a look and have a think about whether or not your ceilings are letting your rooms down, rather than holding them up?

1. Natural materials.

Instead of a white plastered ceiling, how about playing with some more natural materials, such as wood and rattan sheeting. This approach is perfect for a more rustic or even tropical feel and looks great in a bedroom, as seen here!

2. Bare bones.

 Esszimmer von ELIX, Minimalistisch

If this was the original ceiling in your home, you wouldn't cover it up, would you? You could also emulate this style, with the help of a craftsman and some terracotta tiles. What a way to add a whole lot of warmth and character, without touching the walls.

3. Let the light in.

Why have a solid ceiling, when you can punctuate it with some lovely glass panels that will make it absolutely amazing? Just think how lovely it would look at night, with all the starts coming out to play too!

4. Rustic beams.

Natural wooden roof beams look fabulous whether bare, painted, new or a bit worm-riddled, so don't even think about covering yours up! If you know you have some hiding away under some modern plaster, why not expose them?

5. Tamped concrete.

Here's a modern and unusual twist for your ceiling! Instead of smoothing out the lines and adding a top coat, why not stick with textural tamped concrete? For an industrial home, this would be perfect!

6. Projected patterns.

If you like the idea of a different ceiling, but you need to take your time and get used to it, how about starting small with patterned projections? You can choose funky lighting do do this for you, or actually install a projector!

7. Fancy mouldings.

You can stick to a white ceiling, but still make it something extra special and unusual, if you add some fancy moldings! If you wanted to try a little color, you could even outline certain details. Just imagine that!

8. Bright and brazen!

Well you can't get much more modern that a vibrant red ceiling, can you? Talk about getting away from boring old white! Of course, you can choose whatever color you want, but we really have to say that in a small room, a bold ceiling looks amazing!

9. Variations on a theme.

If a painted ceiling appeals to you but a bold color is a little much, why not look to experiment with a soft gray? The perfect and natural progression from white, it will really add a contemporary vibe to your ceiling.

If you've enjoyed looking at these ceiling styles, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 Ideas to make beamed ceilings work.

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