10 modular shelving ideas for modern homes

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10 modular shelving ideas for modern homes

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
:  Schlafzimmer von homify,Modern
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Adequate storage is a must-have in every room of the home, be it the kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom. In this Ideabook, we consider 10 modular shelving ideas that are sleek and stylish. Your modern home will never look the same again with these creative and quirky features! Modular shelving adds clever design, colour and interesting shapes to ordinary storage in the home, instantly enhancing the interior décor too. You could even take it up a notch and contact a professional for some unique and bespoke ideas!

1. Enclosed

The shelf doesn’t have to be just an ordinary vertical storage space in the home anymore. This niche shape is unique yet practical, and when teamed with recessed lighting, has a impressive effect.

2. Boxes

These rectangular boxes act as shelves and cabinets, allowing the room to remain clutter-free. The sleek wood finish gives them a touch of mid-century class.

3. Honeycomb

 Esszimmer von Lavolta, Modern Holz Holznachbildung

The honeycomb-inspired pattern of this shelf is interesting and attractive, and can be used to store anything from your book collection to those wines you’ve been saving for a special occasion!

4. Colour

:  Küche von homify,Minimalistisch

A pop of vibrant colour can go a long way towards creating a happier living space, and this bright shelf is an excellent feature in the kitchen.

5. Bright

The traditional boring bathroom cupboard has been replaced by a colourful eclectic feature in this home. How’s that for keeping your bathroom uncluttered and tidy, whilst maintaining some character?

6. Minimalist

:   von homify,Minimalistisch

If you value minimalism, then a neutral and contemporary layout is probably more your style. These modular shelves are an elegant choice for displaying and storing personal items and accessories.

7. Decorative and practical

Arranging these shelves is all part of the decorative experience. Opt for this wall-placed layout to free up floor space, turning your home into a relaxing haven.

8. A different take

It’s important to assess your storage needs when planning the shelves for your home. Go for shelves at various heights and keep your home organised, with dedicated storage for each item you own. The dark blue hue of these shelves is an amazing choice for a more vibrant and interesting abode.

9. Division of space

:  Schlafzimmer von homify,Modern

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t need to limit your storage. Divide your living space from the sleeping quarter with some modular shelves, and your home will feel a lot less cramped.

10. Kids' space

Shelving can be used to store those office essentials and files, or even your child’s favourite toys. So opt for colourful shelves that work well with their bedroom theme, and their room will be a stylish space that can be adapted as they grow up. 

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