14 sliding doors that maximise your space

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14 sliding doors that maximise your space

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
modern  von BAO , Modern
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When you have to close off a space, separate two a room for different functions, or any of the alternatives that always seem to present themselves in the home, sliding doors are a solution with several possibilities. Like with most interior design elements, sliding doors are also a thing you can customise to fit your personal taste. You can get them in different glass finishes, from translucent to transparent, decorated with drawings made with different techniques: sandblasting, etching, painting that can be temporary or permanent, stained glass… and those are just the most popular varieties!

As you can see there are a lot of techniques and when used with discretion, you can achieve unique pieces in your glass sliding doors. This list only covers 14 varieties, but rest assured there are still many more designs you can copy.

So grab your pen and paper and get ready to find the sliding door of your dreams!

1. From interior to balcony and a landscape worth seeing

A simple sliding door from floor to ceiling lets in as much scenery as possible, making it a great balcony or terrace entrance.

2. A strong black frame

von Lesomodul Klassisch

Door frames should be in tune with the decoration of your home. Black frames are great for you minimalists out there, but they also go great with Asian and contemporary decor.

3. Communication between interior and exterior

Insektenschutzgitter als Schiebeanlagen von erfal: modern  von homify,Modern

Insektenschutzgitter als Schiebeanlagen von erfal


Open up lines of communication with a sliding door leading out to the garden. This brings a bit of nature inside while allowing you easy access to your yard.

4. Drawings and translucence

Glastüren von 4plus5 Ausgefallen



Translucent glass sheets personalize your space and add quite a bit of privacy in the most fashionable way.

5. Full transparency with the help of blinds

Light blinds are a great solution to your indecisiveness with etched or non-etched glass.

6. Between rooms

industriell  von Lesomodul, Industrial

Glass doors are great for separating indoor spaces as well. Here we have two kinds–one with a frame and iron grille, the other clean.

7. In tune with the style

modern  von BAO , Modern

These sliding doors are completely in tune with the decor of the room–just as bright and welcoming as the rest.

8. Stained glass

von Lesomodul Klassisch

Wooden frames are the best when using stained glass, as those windows are particularly heavy and need a sturdy frame.

9. Frameless

These translucent sheets with minor decoration are hanging without frames and make the space far more open because of it.

10. Complete visual

: industriell  von homify,Industrial

These glass doors separate kitchen and dining, but in such a way that this space still feels very much like an open floor plan.

11. Keeping gardens

Glass doors aren't just for separating spaces–they're also for creating them! These glass doors create a small in-home green house for a few lucky plants.

12. Separate and integrate

These sliding doors allow separation when needed, but also integration for larger parties.

13. Fresh air

These doors provide great ventilation for the kitchen and prevent odours from lingering.

14. The best kind of privacy

Translucent sliding doors leading to the bedroom offer the best, most stylish kind of privacy you could think of. Just like the other styles we've seen, this one proves to be so much more interesting and versatile than a boring old wall.

If you liked these ideas, then you might enjoy these simple and effective steps to build a room divider!

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