A new home for a young family with two children

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Here we're going to take a tour of the residence of Rita and Pedro, a young couple with two children who decided to revolutionize their home and get the most from the house's modern and functional spaces. This apartment is located inside an old building overlooking the river in the historic precinct of Belém in Portugal's capital, Lisbon. 

The interior – characterized by old-fashioned decor and a less than functional division of space – had great potential but required a lot of work. This house was begging for a well-aimed renovation job. Now the apartment enjoys a new lease of life thanks to the talents of interior architects and design experts Homestories, who laid down new materials, built a palette of modern colors and opened out the structure with a revitalized sense of space. Let's have a look at the results.

A modern kitchen

homify Skandinavische Küchen

Before the experts began their renovation, the kitchen was old and dated, but now it sports a practical and modern look. The principal color is white, on the walls and through to the furniture. Dark patterned floor tiles add contrast and give dimension to the room and, though they are rather traditional, their position in the kitchen's clean-lined context helps them acquire a contemporary look.

Functional and bright

homify Skandinavische Küchen

The kitchen has a large window towards one end, a huge advantage in terms of brightness and comfort. Despite its long and narrow shape, this environment has been fully equipped with the necessities for maximum efficiency, both aesthetically and practically speaking. In addition, the space has been equipped with numerous storage solutions and cupboards, so the homeowners can easily organize everything they need. Note the characterful wooden detailing used on the work surface and in the shelf above the sink.

The living room

homify Skandinavische Wohnzimmer

The renovated living room is a modern and bright space. The blond, wooden parquet floor has brings a touch of tradition to the room, creating a nice contrast with the pigeon gray of the two modern sofas, scattered with bright turquoise pillows. An old leather suitcase adds another touch of the rustic to the space. Setting the tone for the house as a whole, its evident that the use of period features or a more traditional style doesn't compromise the modern look of the home in the slightest – these additions instead enrich a space designed for family life. 

The dining room

homify Skandinavische Esszimmer

Let's shift perspective and focus our attention to the other side of the central living room, to the dining area. Furniture in a Scandinavian style is groups in a largely unadorned space, simple and delicate, ideal for a young and modern family. It's worth noting the chairs, a set of two high chairs for the kids and another pair for the parents. 

Between meals – television!

homify Skandinavische Wohnzimmer

The last aspect of the living space to explore, informally located between the living room and the dining area and positioned in such a way to provide ample shade from the light streaming in from two recessed windows, is a wall-mounted flat screen TV. Perfectly central, this entertainment hub can serve the family no matter what they're doing. Below the TV is a suspended storage unit, – simple and minimalist, typical of the homes elegant modernity. 

The entrance

homify Skandinavischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

The entrance way, just like the rest of the house, is simple and concise in its design. Again rendered with a rustic sensibility is a vintage chest for storage, ornaments, and a general boost to the warm atmosphere of the home

The double bedroom

homify Skandinavische Schlafzimmer

The bedroom has a special coziness that glows through its overall simplicity. Here, natural light that softens every surface in the space's pure white palette.

The bathroom

homify Skandinavische Badezimmer

The bathroom is also inspiring in its elegant minimalism, offset by the use of wooden verticals and traditional tiling on the floor. 

The kids' bedroom

homify Skandinavische Schlafzimmer

The childrens' room echoes the parent's master bedroom in its understatement. Designed without excess, this space is perfect for playing and creating a beautiful mess. To the right stands a simple bookcase filled with games and books – all nicely organised and tidied away!

The kids' study area

homify Skandinavische Schlafzimmer

Across from the childrens' beds is a study spot for getting homework done. This is a family home where work and play, modern minimalism and traditional warmth, come together in a coherent work of interior architecture. 

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