10 patios that will make you want to update your home

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The porch or patio is the most precious part of the house at the time when the warm weather arrives. To spend a great time with friends and or family, it does not take much: all you need is a covered outdoor space where you can place a table and some comfortable chairs. Such an outdoor space is an amazing addition to any home, and will instantly increase both the aesthetic and practical value of your garden and property as a whole.

There are different types of patios, and you can even build a porch or paved corner in your garden. The use of the patio, however, will be much more functional if it is located near the kitchen, as it usually is a space where people sit to eat and enjoy the outdoors. 

Today, we want to give some examples that will inspire you. Surely you will find one such example that will make you feel like you want to go shopping for yard materials as soon as possible! 

1. Contemporary armchairs.

This patio is located as a continuation of the indoor living space, and is accessed after passing through a pair of sliding doors. It has a practically smooth cement floor, flat roof with a fan, and a set of modern armchairs with upholstery that was also used to dress the coffee table in naval canvas. The sector was supplemented by the inclusion of several large-sized planters with palm trees and broad-leaf plants that fill the corners with green and vital energy.

2. Pergola plants.

homify Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse

In this proposal, the architects mixed a gallery and patio, as it is located between two building blocks. It has a pergola of white suspenders, including a vine filled with green. 

3. Simple warmth.

This patio space is all warmth thanks to the beige ceramic floor, walls painted in a similar tone, and a series of columns covered in sand-colored stone. The shutters and the interior ceiling of the patio have wooden elements which also adds charm. 

4. A roof to enjoy.

The patio in this image was built using a space that ran along the side of the living room. A sloping roof of white poly-carbonate was mounted on a wooden structure was installed. This sector was coated with a wooden deck and includes a sector where a set of stone and rustic plants are located.

5. Classic.

This patio is the classic style that can be found in many gardens. It has a practical bordered ceramic floor, starting with a stone path that intersects with the lawn. The roof is supported by colonial beams and columns of natural logs.

6. Impressive structure.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof Patio Canopy Installation in Reading. homify Moderner Garten outdoor living pod,louvered,roof,patio,terrace,canopy,garden,room

This modern patio has wide floor planks in dark hardwood. Above them, we can see a double set of garden furniture and contrasting dark synthetic rattan cushions of a violet hue. The star of this proposal is undoubtedly the metal cover in double height, with tall columns and a succession of separate straps together to let the light in. 

7. Small spaces utilized.

Muebles de Jardín, Mundo Garden Mundo Garden Klassische Wohnzimmer Massivholz Weiß Hocker und Stühle

This gallery has two well-defined areas, one for eating and one by the pool to sit in the rocking chairs and enjoy the outdoors. The whole sector is mounted on a raised wooden deck with straps and inlaid lights at floor level. 

8. Sober design.

This spacious patio is all about neatness and tidiness. It has a white floor made of micro-cement with aluminum used to mark the boundary of the lower level of the terrace. To the side, we can also see a sparkling blue pool with some greenery. 

9. As in a boat.

This spectacular patio was placed on a large balcony and a fully glazed enclosure with a structure of metalwork. The floor is comprised of uneven gray flagstone, on which some furniture will provide every temptation to sit and admire the scenery.

10. A transparent paradise.

This most romantic of patios is organized with a structure of wooden beams on which flat, transparent poly-carbonate plates  let you view the sky as if it were outdoors. This resource allows you the time to be outdoors and still have protection from rain, dew and moisture. The floor is covered with strips of synthetic deck, and side curtains were added to sift the visuals and eventually stop the passage of insects and the wind.

We are sure you found plenty of inspiration in this list, but if you want something more specific, take a look at these great ideas for a small patio in particular. 

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