The wonder of the modern-rustic style in 9 photos

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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How about combining modern character to a rural soul? A rustic home with a little modern innovation is a true pleasure to the eyes. While renovating a home, we look for high-end facilities that too with a pleasing environment. So, here, we have 9 residential examples that are a perfect combination of rustic charm and modern practicality.

​Rural structure and contemporary décor

The stone bearing structure of this house with ultra comfort and contemporary features is maintaining warmth throughout. To add to the cosiness, there is modern furniture with a beam of yellow pendant lights. No doubt, dinner would be the best time of the day in this beautiful dining area.

​Style and ingenuity

When style meets ingenuity, great style and ideas are born and this magical space is the true example of this. The coffee table placed in this room is made from an ancient cauldron and is truly capable of imparting a modern look to the kitchen.

Even the lights and sofa are the contributing element in the ambiance of this room. On a whole, this is a cosy and warm space perfect for spending quality time.

​The perfect outdoor scene

Even the pergolas can act as the fascinating extension of a modern home. This house is just the right example to showcase the richness of rustic settings. The wrought iron chairs emphasize on the traditional characters of the house without any compromise. The leaves peeping inward with an enchanting light effect is nothing less than a rustic luxury.

​When the country becomes modern

This house is the harmonious mixture of modern luxury and rustic ambiance. The designers have taken the decoration to the next level with glass centre table and colourful cushions. While these two acts as the modern elements of the house, the wooden base and brick wall maintains the rustic touch of the room.

The glass windows with an enchanting outer view welcome the sunshine in utter elegance. So, if you are a person who likes to go white and bright, this room can be an inspiration.

​The room in the niche

There couldn’t have been a better utilization of this place than this. And, also you cannot complain about the aesthetic value of the house. A four seater sofa lies in this corner of the house with a small table in the front.

We can also see some bright colours popping out of this space and it’s acting as the master of this place. The lamp, photos hanging on the wall, and every other detail are acting as the right dose of fun.

​Rural rhymes with convivial

There is nothing better than a country-style porch. As it is surrounded by a garden, it combines with the traditional construction with the aspect of conviviality.

Elevating the rustic environment lays the cosy seating arrangement, but, out of all the wood and stones take the credit for this beautiful place.

​With the past as a barn

The aesthetic of the place is refined to a completely new level and the new version is something we can’t stop admiring.

​Rural outside and modern inside

By looking outside you would not have thought of such a modern interior. But the atmosphere is priceless with shades of gray and white throwing a spark throughout the house.

​With a bit of industrial look

Una casa con stile e funzionalità: Design Rustico, Opera s.r.l. Opera s.r.l. Esszimmer im Landhausstil

It’s a creative twist by which the owners have diversified the environment. Although the masonry is very rural, the concrete flooring and lighting effects are superb.

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