The top 10 eclectic winter living rooms for Malaysian climates

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The top 10 eclectic winter living rooms for Malaysian climates

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Moderne Wohnzimmer von FEDOROVICH Interior Modern
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As winter is approaching, it's time to take down the summer decor, change up the plants and switch the bright summer colours for more sombre tones in the home. Although the weather barely changes here in Malaysia, the global style cycle keeps on spinning – so to keep up with the latest trends you might want to revamp your living room to make it interesting and cosy. 

We have some top ways and suggestions to make your living room eclectically modern and beautiful, while also making it ready for late night reading sessions, tea drinking time with friends and close-knit dinner parties. Take a look below and prepare – because winter is coming!

1. Pops of colour to brighten the mood

Don't store your bright furnishings away for the winter – they can be used to bring a pop of colour into your living room. In this example, if we exchange the yellow pillow for a giant hand-knit throw, we are prepared for a winter look!

2. A perfect Nordic space

Scandinavian countries perhaps have some of the longest and hardest winters to deal with – yet design and attitude-wise, they make it work! Though Malaysia might not have the fierce snow storms and sub zero temperatures of Sweden and Norway, we can still copy their super-trendy style. High-pile rugs, low-sitting sofas and dim light are all you need for a cosy environment. Oh, and add a cup of matcha too!

3. Use reflective materials to add more light

This mirrored wall, paired with this unique light fixture is a great way to add more light into living rooms that don't have a lot of natural light sources. With the right reflective materials, the smallest amount of natural light can brighten up your living room in no time. 

4. Neutral furnishings to keep it bright

If patterns and textures aren't your choice, opt for neutral furnishings in lighter colours to keep it bright and airy. A velvet couch is a perfect winter furnishing.

5. Light patterns and textures for cosiness

Keep your windows wide open to add great natural light. These lighter patterns and textures on the furnishings add to a somber winter feel.

6. Graphic prints, bookshelves & animal fur

Living Room Loftstyle von Rasa en Détail
Rasa en Détail

Living Room Loftstyle

Rasa en Détail

How wonderful and eclectic is this living room? It's a designer's paradise with Bauhaus-inspired prints, faux-animal rugs and a cosy reading nook! Bookshelves aren't just functional, they can easily be the statement piece of your living room if you design them right.

7. A fireplace

A fireplace is sometimes all you need to keep your living room interior warm, cosy and sociable. If you home isn't naturally equipped with one, consider an electric one that can be stored away during summer months.

8. Bold patterns for those looking for something new

Ausgefallene Wohnzimmer von homify Ausgefallen

A slightly traditional patter on the couch is offset by the bold, solid pillows and bright white walls. Keep fresh winter greens on hand for accessories and potted plants.

9. Consider carpets and rugs

Tropische Wohnzimmer von homify Tropisch

If you don't have heated flooring (and most homeowners don't) carpets and rugs are a great way to warm up during the winter months. Opt for high-pile rugs during the winter, and switch them out for low-pile during the summer. 

10. Metallics are perfect for winter

Ausgefallene Wohnzimmer von Bronx Ausgefallen

This Art-Deco style living room is perfect for the winter season and is great for a New Years' party! The silvers, blues and greys all add light to the room and a certain reflective quality that will keep you bright and cheery during those grim winter months.

As winter approaches, remember that the interior of your home can make or break your winter-time attitude. For more fall and winter home inspiration, homify is the place to stay warm!

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