The 50 best decorating tips of all time (part two)

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The 50 best decorating tips of all time (part two)

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Rear extension and house remodelling in Bishopston Moderne Wohnzimmer von Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects Modern
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Yesterday, we promised you 25 more interior designer-approved decorating tips and we rarely disappoint.

If you thought the first batch was good, just wait until you see this one as yet again, we want to make sure every room in your home – from your bathroom to your bedroom – is as fabulous as can be.

Ready to bookmark a few great ideas? Then let's get cracking!

26. Always keep editing

Moderne Wohnzimmer von homify Modern

If you keep thinking something isn't quite right, put it away or change it.

27. Maximise your daylight circulation

YUME Spiegel: modern  von HORM.IT,Modern

YUME Spiegel


With mirrors on as many walls as possible.

28. Remember the rule of three

Living Room Cushions & Throws Moderne Wohnzimmer von Eva Antoniou Interior Design Modern
Eva Antoniou Interior Design

Living Room Cushions & Throws

Eva Antoniou Interior Design

Only add decorative items, such as cushions, in multiples of three.

29. Change your coffee table accessories regularly

industriell  von Frances Bradley, Industrial
Frances Bradley

Industrial reclaimed Coffee Table

Frances Bradley

To keep the space new and interesting.

30. Embrace many different styles of crockery

Sophie Allport Hare Tableware von Sophie Allport Landhaus Porzellan
Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport Hare Tableware

Sophie Allport

For a less 'straight out of the box' look. Or grab something custom!

31. Colour coordinate your table linens

Bespoke Table Linen Moderne Esszimmer von Heirlooms Ltd Modern
Heirlooms Ltd

Bespoke Table Linen

Heirlooms Ltd

This gives a really polished feel to your place settings.

32. Choose neutral upholstery

Morellia Modular von Darlings of Chelsea Klassisch
Darlings of Chelsea

Morellia Modular

Darlings of Chelsea

That you can add to later should you so wish to.

33. Don't forget about your ceilings!

They're fast becoming the new feature walls with paint and wallpaper going up there.

34. Don't follow trends

Trust your instincts about what will work best for your home.

35. Add layers everywhere

Richmond - Guest Bedroom Ausgefallene Schlafzimmer von Roselind Wilson Design Ausgefallen
Roselind Wilson Design

Richmond – Guest Bedroom

Roselind Wilson Design

Throws, cushions and blankets will all add wonderful texture to your home.

36. Add dimmer switches to all your rooms

To control the mood perfectly.

37. Add gratuitous greenery to your home

Venus Flytrap Moderner Garten von Modern

Venus Flytrap

Indoor plants will give your home a fresher, more connected feel.

38. Hang curtains as high as you can

Constance Pink von Cabbages & Roses Rustikal
Cabbages & Roses

Constance Pink

Cabbages & Roses

To make windows feel larger and rooms more open.

39. While keeping those curtains high

Rear extension and remodelling in Central Bristol Moderne Wohnzimmer von Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects Modern
Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

Rear extension and remodelling in Central Bristol

Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

Make sure they're simple to retain the elegance.

40. Remember that newer isn't always better

Professor Chair von Locus Habitat Klassisch
Locus Habitat

Professor Chair

Locus Habitat

For example, vintage rugs are great.

41. Opt for a big rug

The more sizeable your rug, the bigger your room will feel.

42. Become a collector of something attractive

On Location Moderne Wohnzimmer von Fallen Furniture Modern
Fallen Furniture

On Location

Fallen Furniture

Prints and art are a good way to start.

43. Try to master mixing modern and vintage items together

Sharon Street Moderne Wohnzimmer von General Assembly Modern
General Assembly

Sharon Street

General Assembly

For the perfect interior blend that will keep your home unique.

44. Choose materials that will make your home spill or child-proof

Few design themes are enhanced by chocolate smears and mud stains.

45. Play with different finishes

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark Skandinavische Badezimmer von Drummonds Bathrooms Skandinavisch
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

Reflective items and flat-coloured walls look great together!

46. Arrange vintage items together by colour

So they look similar but not the same.

47. Don't confuse eclectic styling with 'anything goes

Modern Blue view 7 Moderne Schlafzimmer von homify Modern

Modern Blue view 7


The key is to find a balance and harmony before you go too far.

48. Choose carpet over wood flooring in your bedroom

I could curl up here forever! Moderne Schlafzimmer von The Market Design & Build Modern
The Market Design & Build

I could curl up here forever!

The Market Design & Build

For a warm start to every morning and a stylish end to every night.

49. Add vanilla extract to your paint before you start using it

Designers Guild Paint Moderne Wohnzimmer von homify Modern

Designers Guild Paint


To help combat awful fumes and smells.

50. Go big with your gallery wall

modern  von Intuerilight, Modern

Wall Lamp Wall One


Start in the middle and radiate pictures out.

If you missed part one of these decorating tips and tricks, see it here: The 50 best decorating tips of all time (part one).

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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