Prefab houses: 7 tips you need to know before buying yours

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Prefab houses: 7 tips you need to know before buying yours

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 Häuser von Uptic Studios, Rustikal
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A pre-fabricated home is a sign of our changing times, more than anything else. For the uninitiated, this is a stylish new way of creating an assembled home in an economical way and without the large carbon footprint that is usually left when one constructs a home with all the trimmings of brick, concrete and labour-intensive processes. In order to make an eco-friendly home that will be created on a factory floor before it is laid on your plot, you will have to do some homework and preparation. Here are seven tips to take a look at, before you go ahead and buy yourself a pre-fabricated home

​Quick process

The process of getting a pre-fabricated home is a fast one with literally no headache because you do not have to deal with the procurement of labour and material. It is usually built and assembled on a factory floor where the work is cut out for each department and the labour is engaged at each stage of the process. The delivery of the home, hence, takes a short while from the time you place your order.

​Easy on the pocket

While a pre-fabricated home is known to be a less expensive option that is easy on the pocket, it may be a good idea to compare quotes from various manufacturers before you zero in on your choice. The wooden structures of a pre-fabricated are bereft of cost-heavy materials like concrete and bricks. They are produced in a factory before they are laid down on an elevated platform on your plot of land. One can also purchase readymade elements and parts that will make the process of assembling it still cheaper and faster.

​Stress-free maintenance

The status of the maintenance of this kind of a home is simple: stress free. These pre-fabricated homes do not require a whole lot of effort when it comes to maintaining the space and home. This is due to the fact that eco-friendly material used is usually natural and does not need constant replacement, repainting and polishing.

​Combination of elements

Many pre-fabricated homes have a combination of concrete as well as wood, where concrete forms the outdoor elements including the foundation. The steps and the deck can also be in stone or concrete while the rest of the home can be a wooden structure.

​Styling the home

You can choose from a plethora of styles with the use of glass and wood as well as lighting to create a good looking structure. Get inspired by this beautiful container home.

​Interior design

 Häuser von HAUS, Modern

The design of the interiors of such houses should be compact and quaint even as the design will be well suited for urban living.


 Häuser von build different, Modern
build different

Schoolmasters eco house

build different

Care for your pre-fabricated home with the help of small measures everyday to keep it clean and replace the wooden planks as and when some wear and tear happens.

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