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Ideas for lighting a ceiling

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We all know the importance of ensuring that a room is adequately lit up – but are you aware of your options when it comes to ceiling lights? 

Yes, a chandelier can make for a smashing focal piece while downlighters can ensure a sparkling ambience, but those two aren’t our only choices. When paired with the right ceiling design (colours, materials, style, layout), a simple ceiling light can become the main “wow” factor in the entire room, regardless of whether it’s the entry hall, living room, bathroom or home office.

So, to give you some bright ideas (pun fully intended) when it comes to lighting up your ceilings, let’s take a look at 13 extra-stylish examples.

1. Ceiling lights can be just as decorative as wallpaper or furniture

Have a look at the ultra-contemporary design this living room lighting takes on.

2. Don't neglect practicality

In addition to being beautiful, those ceiling lights must also be practical. So rather opt for glamorous downlighters if a chandelier will be too low.

3. Want to jump on the “living green” bandwagon?

Opt for LEDs, which give you the same illuminating glow at a better price.

4. Your lighting can also decide how a space “feels”

Semi-detached glory hole Moderne Wohnzimmer von Paul Wiggins Architects Modern
Paul Wiggins Architects

Semi-detached glory hole

Paul Wiggins Architects

Either cooling it down or warming it up in a hot orange/pink hue, as shown here.

5. Chic, and so glamorous!

It might not be the Sistine Chapel, but we think this ceiling design and lights definitely speak a thousand words.

6. Remember that your choice of lighting can also enhance your décor scheme

Chic Living Room Ausgefallene Wohnzimmer von homify Ausgefallen

Chic Living Room


See how this circular design adds a touch of softness to the living room.

7. Casting a decorative glow

Living Room Moderne Wohnzimmer von homify Modern

Living Room


We just love how this marvellous modern floor lamp casts a decorative glow on the ceiling.

Want that expert look for your home? Then take a look at our extensive range of lighting experts.

8. Consider your choice of ceiling material

Sam's Creek Moderne Wohnzimmer von homify Modern

Sam's Creek


These wooden panels add such an exquisite warm vibe to the entire space, enhanced by the warm-toned downlighters.

9. Recessed lighting

Is a perfect architectural feature for when you don’t want those ceiling lights to dominate the space.

10. Layered lighting

We always recommend layered lighting, especially for a work environment like the kitchen.

11. Lighting tricky spots

A lighting strip that runs along the entire perimeter of the ceiling is perfect for illuminating “difficult” areas, like staircases.

12. No space in your entryway for floor- or table lamps?

Let those ceiling fixtures welcome your guests in style.

13. Never underestimate the power of natural lighting

Or the amazing effect that a skylight can have on your interior design.

See the style-approved steps when it comes to: Maximising natural light in your home.

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