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30 easy ways to improve your home with less than R100

Leigh Leigh
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Furnishing and decor doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive exercise. In fact, it is very possible to create a beautiful and appealing home on a shoestring.

Today, we are going to look at 30 easy ways to create a modern and savvy home with less than R100 – can you believe it?

These are ideas and concepts that come from top professionals from around the world, with tips and tricks for every room in the house from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the garden.

In fact, after reading this, you should be able to give your home a make-over on a very tight budget!

Let's take a look.

1. Clear the counter tops of anything that isn't functional for a neat, tidy and savvy kitchen space

2. Add a dominant colour to a room to breathe new life into it

Add some colour

3. Invest in smart storage solutions to keep your home organised and looked after

4. Give your appliances a facelift, investing in a new toaster or kettle. It will completely update your home

5. Modernise your bathroom with a new tub. It is an initial investment but it will last for many years

6. Shop around in some vintage stores for some second hand rugs, which will bring a cosy touch to your home

7. Paint the walls a new and refreshing colour

8. Or add wallpaper for a refreshing look and feel

9. Change the space of your home around by dividing up areas with colourful blinds

11. Add astroturf to your small outdoor space for a refreshing green look and feel

12. Organise your plants, trees and flowers to create a tidy and aesthetically appealing garden

13. Create a vertical garden – a fun DIY project for the whole family

14. Or add some beautiful plants to the wall of the kitchen to connect the interiors to the exterior space

15. Invest in some new and dynamic linen to spruce up the bedroom

16. Do you see how a colourful cushion can change the whole style of a room?

17. Put up shelves or invest in a bookshelf for a spot to put artwork and books on display

18. Hang up artwork and photographs on the wall to bring character and charm to the home

19. Expose a brick wall for a rustic and industrial chic look and feel

20. Add lamps to the home to bring in ambiance and mood

21. Add a refreshing retro touch to the home in the form of a funky LED light

22. Use old palettes to create your own DIY furniture

23. There are so many things that you can do with recycled palettes from tables…

24. To shelves…

26. Use wall stickers to change up the look and feel of your home. They are cheap and you can peel them off when you're done!

27. Paint one of the chairs in your living room a bright and bold colour to refresh the space

28. Use the vertical space available to you have some fun with shelves!

29. Let in some fresh air and natural light and you'll instantly transform your interiors

30. Utilise the textiles in your home to introduce themes and colours to the space

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