7 Simple Vastu colour tips for your bedroom

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Your bedroom is your private haven, which is why you want it perfect at all times. It is much more than just a room to sleep in – it is where you relax and find comfort, especially after a stressful day. If you want your slumber zone to be tranquil and peaceful, there is nothing like styling it with the Vastu Shastra method. It is believed that following Vastu Shastra in a home’s décor can bring peace, harmony and prosperity. This decoration principle is based on the belief that we are affected by our surroundings.

Here is a look at some simple yet effective Vastu Shastra colour strategies to help transform your uninspiring bedroom into serene and sensuous private space you want it to be.

1. Red Passion

When you think of the colour red, the first thought that comes to mind is romance, love, warmth and passion. Of all the rooms in your home that needs passion and warmth, the bedroom is most important. Adding a dash of red to your bedroom will bring fire to your space and ignite the passion in you.

2. Soothing Green

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The colour green is known to bring prosperity, and who does not want that? It also makes a room look soothing and inviting. If you want your bedroom to have a calming effect, you should definitely use green. A rich green will make your bedroom look luxurious while a cool light shade of green will give it a soothing look. If you follow Feng Shui rules correctly in your bedroom, you will definitely feel a positive impact right away.

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3. Royal Purple

Love the colour purple? Who does not? Symbols of chivalry and courage, mauves and purples are great choices for a bedroom. According to Feng Shui, painting the walls in violet brings about a feeling of wealth and royalty. It is also believed that it depicts the spirituality of an individual. In Feng Shui, the basic meaning of purple is deepness and richness. If you are all about royalty, bravery and spirituality, purple is the perfect colour for you.

4. Serene Blue

Do you feel calm every time you see the colour blue? If yes, it is because this colour is known to be a cooling shade that helps lighten up the mood. By colouring your bedroom blue, you can ensure that you are happy at all times. Picking blue is a fantastic way to make your room look heavenly mixed with feelings of deep calm and serenity.

5. Gorgeous Grey

Feng Shui and grey make a great combination. It is subtle and cool, and helps gain sensibility, protection and precision in all spheres of life. Besides, it comes in a vast array of tones and you will find a million shades of grey to choose from. You can be sure that you will find the perfect grey for your bedroom.

You can hire a designer to attain the look you desire.

6. Earthy Brown Palette

For those who love, light shades that have a lot of depth, the light brown palette is perfect. The colour of the earth, brown in all its shades represents quietness and solace. It is also known to be rooting and nurturing. If you want earthy tones in your bedroom, this is the palette for you.

7. Pretty Pastel Palette

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In Feng Shui rules for the bedroom, pastel shades are ideal for those looking for a light and tranquil space. Pastel shades have a calming effect apart from being very pretty. They have a nice balance, being neither too bright nor too dull. If you are looking for a pretty and serene colour for your bedroom, the pastel palette is the one you should opt for.

Whether you have a small or big bedroom, the colour you choose from, it can make a world of difference in how you feel when you spend time in it. With the colour tips mentioned above, you can pick the perfect colour based on how you want to feel when you are in your private space.

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