15 gates that all your neighbours will be jealous of

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15 gates that all your neighbours will be jealous of

Izelle du Pisanie Izelle du Pisanie
 Fenster von Puertas Lorenzo, s.a
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As you know, in homify we love inspiration, from the hand of professionals registered on our site today we invite you to join us on a tour of 15 doors and gates that will surely be full of ideas.

Innovative proposals that will make your house does not go unnoticed, so if you are thinking of changing the facade or the door of your house, do not miss these ideas and if some you love, we invite you to contact professionals that you can find here:  Listed in homify . to start making your project a reality or, if you dare, to make yourself do not you'll be sorry!

1. Traditional with a twist

Here we have a traditional style gate with a modern touch.

2. Dynamic

Here we find a gate that seems to consists of strips of metal that are interlaced.

3. Steel beauties

Edelstahl Einfahrtstore:  Garten von Edelstahl Atelier Crouse - individuelle Gartentore

This steel gate with lazercut patterns of trees are simply beautiful. 

4. A rustic entrance

The stone alcove in which this gate is located, provides a rustic character.

5. Wood and concrete

The combination in this gate is contemporary and trendy. 

6. Simple and sliding

This minimalist design needs nothing more.

7. Modern imitation

The steel bars of this gate imitates that of a traditional picket fence.

8. Modern elegance

This gate with slats is modern and elegant, allowing a glimpse of the interior. 

9. Strength and style

This bold aluminum gate provides a stylish entrance.  

10. Elegance of wood

 Fenster von Novodeco

A timeless material will always fare well.

11. Rolling grace

This graceful rolling gate is light and charming.

12. Horizontal lines

This horizontally delineated gate provides a dynamic look.

13. Wooden distinction

This wooden garage door needs no special trimmings, its pure elegance is irrefutable.

14. Decorative iron

This circular and organic design of an iron gate is undeniably interesting and beautiful.

15. An entry with personality

This automatic gate made of welded aluminium has its own particular character.

All of these homes sure have amazing gates that we can all imitate, but now take a look at: 20 low-cost homes from which we can copy much more!

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder)

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