6 Interior design secrets that you NEED to know

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Would you like to make larger the appearance of your house? Does your camped up house leave you wanting more, every single day? It’s time for us to unroll our sleeves and bring to you some of our best ideas. Check out these ideas that will make your home look larger in literally no time at all. Change the perceptions of your home with these simple hacks.

1. A mirrored wall to double the environments

If you are stuck with a tiny room that no amount of lighting or colours can make better, then turn to mirrors to enlarge the appearance of your room. A tiny entrance can be made bigger with a mirrored wall, creating an optical illusion with more amount of space made available to you.

2. Choose pale floors for a feeling of lightness

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The conception of space lies solely in the hands of your floor. Opting for a jacket with wide planks of light wood brings about a feeling of lightness. A resin floor can also work well, adding optimal space to one’s gaze.

You can hire a designer to attain the look you desire.

3. Play with the colors to enlarge the spaces

The ideal hack to make a not so large environment appear well, larger, is to paint the far wall of the entrance with a dark color. Complement this with lighter shades of white for the walls that surround it. The depth of the room is enhanced with this simple trick.

4. Point on the lines to increase the heights

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To enhance the perception of a room longitudinally, opt for stripes. This increases height, thereby creating the illusion of space. To further this enhancement, wall decor when placed at the right location, makes for the ideal enlargement.

5. The sky in a room, to brighten

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If your room looks too dull and lacklustre, then do try out this look. It’s cheerful and bright, ideal to make a small room look warm. The birds add an aura to the room that is dreamy and realistic at the same time.

Checkout different ideas for lighting your bedroom here.

6. Garnish with the wallpaper

Studio apartments often come with cramped up spaces. If you would like it to appear more spacious, then you can decorate the walls with wallpapers. There is no dearth when it comes to wallpapers and often you will be spoilt for choice. They help to abolish the boundaries of a house by opening out spaces to newer dimensions.

Small house still bothering you? We think not!

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