How to create a fabulous foyer in 12 easy steps

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How to create a fabulous foyer in 12 easy steps

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 Flur & Diele von Diff.Studio
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The foyer is your welcome to the world. It is the space into which your guests first set foot. It is also the space where your family arrives and feels at home after a long hard day at work. So it is best to make this a welcoming and utterly inviting space in terms of ambience, aesthetics and functionality. So take a look at these 12 tips to create a dreamy foyer that will always have a warm vibe and stylish aura.

1. ​Artistic space

Create a gallery in your foyer with artistic and exclusive pieces. Use lighting to cast a glow over this space. Use unique, quirky coat hangers and artwork for an unforgettable look.

2. ​Cover it with bricks

 Flur & Diele von NaNovo

You can layer your foyer with brick walls on one side and a wooden floor underfoot to make a warm statement, which is also rustic chic. Use modern furniture for a minimalism-inspired eclectic look in such a space and let some industrial style lighting do the rest of the talking.

​3. Mirrored beauty

Use one wall to house a pattern of mirrors or a simple unhindered sheet of the same. This will make the space wear a look of understated drama even as it will look expansive. Keep the floors and other walls simple.

4. Minimalism at its best

 Flur & Diele von INSPACE

This foyer has a minimalist soul, which shows up in a pattern of textures on a few drawers in the predominantly white space as well as the tree style whimsical coat hanger

5. ​Chic and industrial

 Flur & Diele von 3deko

The sleek industrial look comes with a play of glossy and matte textures in a single colour. A neutral rug and lots of white lights can be used to highlight the space. Use a bench for shoes with a rod for coats above.

​6. An unusual pop of colour

 Flur & Diele von 3deko

This grand looking lobby with its heavy end table and ornate mirror gets a pop of colour, thanks to the unusual blue door and the recessed panels within the ceiling, which throw light on the rest of the area.

​7. Get quirky

This rather serious looking foyer with marble flooring and brown elements gets a vibrant touch with the whimsical stripes painted on the bureau.

​8. A royal look

This large mirror fixed in a wooden and the velvet bench do all the talking in the marble inlay and gilded foyer. The sky light adds to the aura of the space.

9. ​Log cabin vibe

Chalet Valbella:  Flur & Diele von Go Interiors GmbH
Go Interiors GmbH

Chalet Valbella

Go Interiors GmbH

The sleek rendition of the traditional log cabin has left this foyer in the warmth of wood with modern finishes.

10. ​Hall of fame

 Flur & Diele von dwarf

This wooden foyer has been dressed up with belongings that speak volumes of the personality of the home owners. The spotlight on top as well as the low platform bench below also contribute to the sophistication of this place

​11. A personal touch

You can add pictures on a stenciled tree in the foyer to add a personal touch to the space

​13. An open foyer

This foyer leads visitors straight into the main hall of the home and makes it all seem like one connected and expansive space. Here is another list of ideas that might interest you - 7 signs that indicate your home is begging for a reno!

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder)

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