18 multifunctional furniture ideas perfect for small houses!

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18 multifunctional furniture ideas perfect for small houses!

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setup: Der Wohnbaukasten (Müller Möbelwerkstätten): modern  von !idee : studio michael hilgers,Modern
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Today’s homes are more compact than ever. With space at a premium, we tend to reside in tiny residences that often limit our stylistic options. However, just because you live in a small home doesn’t mean you can’t have a sleek, chic and functional abode. This is where multi-purpose furniture can really come in handy. If you are working with an area of your home that is difficult, minuscule or tricky to design, you should check out our 18 gorgeous items of furniture below!

We’ve gathered pieces that are sure to assist in creating a usable and liveable home, while imparting a sense of innovation and creativity. Let’s check them out…

1. This compact apartment keeps the kitchen safely and stylishly hidden behind bespoke concertina doors

2. The all-in-one bed with storage offers practicality and a trendy ambience

Main space Ausgefallene Schlafzimmer von paola bagna Ausgefallen
paola bagna

Main space

paola bagna

3. Is it a bookcase or a desk? This multi-purpose item offers functionality and space-saving style

4. Trestle tables can be altered to offer storage and space to organise your belongings

industriell  von Biogibson, Industrial Holz Holznachbildung

5. This coffee table provides extra space with hidden drawers

6. Seriously lacking space? Folding furniture affixed to the walls can provide a versatile workspace and extra storage area

7. This room divider is wonderfully versatile, and incorporates a home study space, as well as bookshelf storage

setup: Der Wohnbaukasten als beidseitig nutzbarer "Pärchen-Sekretär": modern  von !idee : studio michael hilgers,Modern
!idee : studio michael hilgers

setup: Der Wohnbaukasten als beidseitig nutzbarer Pärchen-Sekretär

!idee : studio michael hilgers

8. Are you messy and find it difficult to keep your desk clean? Check out this super chic example!

von PUNCH TAD Ausgefallen MDF

9. Coffee tables can offer more than simply a space to place your teacup, this convertible item is perfectly set up to excite any couch potato!

modern  von Weld, Modern

10. Forget a monster hiding under the bed, with this piece the only thing you’ll be hiding is clutter…

11. Another wall-mounted example offers a perfect study space that would suit a bedroom or child’s space

If you like what you see, you might want to enlist an expert to customise something perfectly suited to fit your compact dwelling.

12. The ultimate children’s bed setup, this offers functionality with bright colours and a zesty aesthetic

13. Instead of placing your TV on a table, why not mount it against some bespoke joinery instead?

modern  von MADERISTA, Modern Holz Holznachbildung

14. This multi-purpose shoe holder is sure to enhance your entrance, no matter how small!

Muuto - Wandhaken "The Dots": modern  von Connox,Modern

Muuto – Wandhaken The Dots


15. A kitchen island with storage is sure to boost your space’s practicality, as well as your kitchen’s functionality

16. Maximise your space with a bunk bed with built-in desk and shelving

17. An extendable kitchen table offers a place to host a dinner party, while saving space when not in use

modern  von Furnet, Modern

18. In this bathroom a washer as been incorporated with the sink and cabinets, which saves space as well as keeping everything neat and tidy

Are you ready to start decorating? Or perhaps you need a little more encouragement? We think you’ll like: 12 small but charming bedrooms to copy

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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