The wooden house that's straight out of a fairytale

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Wohnen im Sommerhause, UNA plant UNA plant Moderne Küchen
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You would be forgiven thinking that this two story house is something straight from the Hansel and Gretel story. And actually, that's not far from the truth – in reality, this charming home is a summer cottage built by Austrian architects UNA PLANT, so it has cultural and geographical connections with the Brothers Grimm at least. 

With it's steep roof, square windows and caramel colored wooden paneling covering the whole exterior, this home is simply adorable. And just like the Gingerbread House in the fairytale, it's also full of a few delightful surprises inside! Let's take a look around (minus the witch of course). 

The cutest cottage perched in paradise.

Wohnen im Sommerhause, UNA plant UNA plant Moderne Häuser Holz

Looking front on, this home looks so idyllic and sweet, it almost can't be true! Designed with two main levels and one large storage space underneath, it makes the perfect summer house. Now all of the sports gear and lounge chairs that need to be stored away during the winter months have their own place. 

Living to enjoy the seasons.

Wohnen im Sommerhause, UNA plant UNA plant Moderne Häuser

Because this is a home designed to be enjoyed only in summer, one of the main attractions is the generously sized, sunny terrace at the back of the property. The deck is made from unpainted natural timbre – a material that requires little maintenance, and looks good year round. 

The outdoor furniture is stylish, sturdy and most importantly, big enough for large festive gatherings!

A laid-back casual style inside.

Wohnen im Sommerhause, UNA plant UNA plant Moderne Esszimmer

The last thing anyone wants to do while relaxing is to worry about cleaning or tidying up the household. So a tidy, minimalist interior like this is ideal. Simple white walls are complemented by classic wooden furniture and painted wicker furniture adds a laid back, country charm to the place. 

Simplicity and easiness in the kitchen.

Wohnen im Sommerhause, UNA plant UNA plant Moderne Küchen

And a similar motto is applied in the kitchen: everything is simple, but good quality. The design objective in every room of this home is to make life easier, not more complicated. There are no unnecessary cupboards, alcoves, or edges here; each piece has a function and nothing more. 

A convertible loft space.

Wohnen im Sommerhause, UNA plant UNA plant Moderne Schlafzimmer

Even the bedroom space upstairs is kept as carefree and versatile as possible. The beds are convertible and can be used as sofas, or pulled out for extra guests. There's even the added bonus of storage underneath them to maintain a tidy and organised home, because there are more important things to spend time in summer doing…  

And luxurious add ons.

Wohnen im Sommerhause, UNA plant UNA plant Moderner Garten

For one thing, summer means enjoying the stunning outdoor weather, garden and why not, an outdoor shower too! This may seem like a basic cottage from the outside, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for some modern luxuries. 

Nothing beats cooling off in an outdoor shower when the heat simply becomes too much – or using the shower to warm up after a cool lake swim. Heavenly. 

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