Space-saving furniture: 18 ideas perfect for your home

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Space-saving furniture: 18 ideas perfect for your home

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modern  von KiKi Diseño y Decoración, Modern
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When it comes to gleaning more space out of a small home, you have to start thinking cleverly and with multi-functional furniture in mind! Luckily for you, we've found some absolutely fantastic example of what we mean and each of them offers untold practicality, great aesthetics and comfort. Seriously, we are starting to think that we should ALL be using multi-functional furniture, regardless of the size of our homes, as some of these ideas are genius! We tip our caps to the decorators that sourced these amazing finds, as they not only give the homeowners exactly what they need, they also add a nuance of style that separate furniture items lack, but enough talking; let's start looking!

1. A bed for book lovers.

We are really seeing the value in storing things under our beds, so maybe our parents were wrong about shoving stuff under there! This bed has been built up on tops of brilliant bookshelves and looks incredible.

2. The bed with hidden clothes storage!

Main space Ausgefallene Schlafzimmer von paola bagna Ausgefallen
paola bagna

Main space

paola bagna

Who wouldn't want to crawl into a deep-set, slouchy bed like this? We know we certainly wouldn't say no and when you realize that it's so big because it has integrated storage underneath, so much the better! Jumpers, coats and other bulky items would all fit in there, no problem and free up so much wardrobe space or negate the need for one at all!

3. A bookcase that's also a desk.

Perfect for professionals and teens with gargantuan amounts of homework alike, this handy desk barely takes up any room and has all the reference books you could possibly need housed in it too!

4. A desk and so much more.

industriell  von Biogibson, Industrial Holz Holznachbildung

Is it a desk, a coffee table or a storage unit? It's all three! What's even better is that we think you could easily knock something like this up, using old pallets! That makes it a gorgeous but budget option!

5. A coffee table that stows away treasures.

Coffee tables with storage drawers are all our prayers answered in one! No more losing the television remote or misplacing magazines, as they'll all be right here, tucked away safely!

6. A desk that disappears when you want it to.

A handy workstation when you want it and a slimline shelf when you don't this desk is all sorts of genius! A simple flip-down table makes the transformation simple and there's even a cupboard for files!

7. A bookcase, desk and room divide in one!

setup: Der Wohnbaukasten als beidseitig nutzbarer "Pärchen-Sekretär": modern  von !idee : studio michael hilgers,Modern
!idee : studio michael hilgers

setup: Der Wohnbaukasten als beidseitig nutzbarer Pärchen-Sekretär

!idee : studio michael hilgers

This piece of furniture is doing everything in one! Dividing the space with a natural grace, it offers ample book storage space as well as the potential for a desk, when you need it. In a studio apartment, this would be invaluable!

8. The ultimate desk and storage station.

von PUNCH TAD Ausgefallen MDF

Some people can work in clutter and others can't. For all the neat freaks out there, this desk is perfect. It's essentially a huge desk, as well as a handy filing system, all rolled into one and even has smart cut-outs for plugging in device chargers!

9. The coffee table that's also a work station.

modern  von Weld, Modern

When the idea of working in an office doesn't appeal, you need one of these amazing coffee tables! Slimline and discreet, unless you already know, you'd never guess that this could transform into a workstation for two!

10. A kitchen that looks like a cupboard.

Well this is living small, but still stylishly! Hiding away a kitchen in a cupboard allows studio apartments to have less of a cramped or overbearing feel to them and when you need to use it, you simply pop open the bi-folding doors and get on with it! The storage space here is great too and would be handy for non-kitchen items!

11. Is it a shelf or a desk?

The simplest of wall-mounted boxes, this brilliant solution to small home organisation is a real favourite of ours! Perfectly useable when you need a desk, it will look cute as a button when not in use and can even double up as a shelf!

12. A fun bed with a safe place for toys.

Kids' rooms are notorious for getting messy and overrun with toys, but if you choose a cabin bed, that won't be a problem! The elevated sleeping area is fun for children, while all those drawers will be heaven for you!

13. A TV wall that's also a photo display.

modern  von MADERISTA, Modern Holz Holznachbildung

When staring at a TV isn't how you fancy spending your evening, you need a display stand that is also a gallery wall! We love the sweet little shelves that have been added here, to display family photos and it really ties the room together.

14. The shoe rack that offers much more!

Muuto - Wandhaken "The Dots": modern  von Connox,Modern

Muuto – Wandhaken The Dots


A handy shoe rack, you could also use this as a bag store, telephone stand, somewhere to leave keys and even display flowers! If you're feeling crafty, you could even knock up a cushion so it can be a seat as well! Amazing!

15. A kitchen island that's also a storage shelf.

So many kitchen islands are in place purely to increase the amount of worktop on offer, but add some shelves and useful storage baskets and all of a sudden you have somewhere for silly things that take up lots of drawer space, like tea towels!

16. The ultimate all-in-one teens bed!

Teens like their own space, but if it's not big enough to house everything they need, you might have to put up with a sullen face at the dinner table! That wouldn't be a problem with this bed, which offers a place for friends to sleep over and a fantastic desk and bookcase!

17. A kitchen table that becomes a banquet hall.

modern  von Furnet, Modern

Extending dining tables are such a fantastic innovation, but this one takes things a step further by also having handy cutlery drawers in it! Talk about making everything a whole lot simpler!

18. A washing machine that masquerades as a bathroom cabinet!

Washing machines often find themselves in bathrooms, especially in small houses, so pop it in a cupboard, close the door and nobody will know it's there! You could even add a slide out narrow pantry cupboard, to keep all your detergent in!

For extra storage tips, check out this article: Genius storage ideas to copy!

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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