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Stylishly renovated attic spaces

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Dachausbau im runden Eckhaus zymara und loitzenbauer architekten bda Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus
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When we think of attics, two contradictory feelings often pop into our minds—the mysteriously exciting and undeniably enchanting ‘third-floor’ spare bedroom of Kevin Macalister, and the petrifyingly pants-wetting house of horrors in Amityville. Either way, the attic is an appealing, often disused corner of our home, mostly filled with boxes of old school work, half-finished art projects and moth-filled holiday clothing. This needn’t be the case. Converted attics or lofts can provide a home much needed extra floor space for all manner of uses—be it a spare bedroom, work space, library, gym or even an extra bathroom, there are numerous options for this neglected and unoccupied domestic space. As one of the most popular home improvements in the UK, numerous specialist architects, designers and professional builders are able to undertake an attic renovation easily and relatively simply. 

Take a glance over the following wonderfully renovated attic spaces, and begin rethinking your unused ceiling space and top floor today.

Bay windowed bedroom

South Crown Street Bedroom Brown + Brown Architects Moderne Schlafzimmer
Brown + Brown Architects

South Crown Street Bedroom

Brown + Brown Architects

Attic rooms can often be the least appealing area in the home—they can be cramped, cloistered and more often than not, end up as a storage space for everyone’s clutter. This attic bedroom shows a new way of thinking; it is light-filled, roomy, and stylish. This attic room has made the most of its beautiful bay window and incorporated a white theme into the space that enhances light and gives the room a sense of airiness. To mimic this design in your own space, employ whitewashed timber floorboards, mid-century furniture, heritage rug and fresh white linens.

A smart study space

Home Office / Study Roselind Wilson Design Klassische Arbeitszimmer
Roselind Wilson Design

Home Office / Study

Roselind Wilson Design

Almost everybody these days has use for a study, be it working from home, studying, or simply catching up with friends via Skype—furthermore, we can all benefit from removing the distraction of computers from our living spaces and giving them their very own room within our house. This study has a special charm, it is cosy yet clean, and functionally efficient—take some pointers from this design when renovating your own attic: choose simple subdued and neutral hues, hints of pattered décor, and subtle mood lighting, for a hideaway that oozes appeal and luxury.

A quaint sleeping space

Munster Road BTL Property LTD Klassische Schlafzimmer
BTL Property LTD

Munster Road

BTL Property LTD

More often than not, our attic spaces are larger than we imagine—this gorgeous sleeping space is the ideal spare bedroom for guests, and incorporates a double bed as well as suitable storage space for clothing. In addition to this, the skylight provides extra illumination and the effect is a quaint yet liveable space full of character and practicality.

Tranquil and cosy

Booo BV EsszimmerBeleuchtungen

If you need somewhere to hide away and rejuvenate, why not transform your attic or roof space into a functional rest and relaxation retreat? This space has built in skylights to provide ample illumination, while the low hanging light and minimal furniture encourage the occupant to lounge around and enjoy the sumptuous tranquillity of the space.

Luxurious living area

This living space makes the most of an extremely high-pitched roof to create not just one, but two areas within the attic area. This living space is simple yet effective, it enhances the natural construction of the timber roofing system, and evokes a sense of rustic charm, whilst providing an effective and useable room. Creating an attic room such as this can be a tricky task—if your room is not already built into your existing home, you will want to engage a professional architect who will advise you on design, as well as council planning requirements.

A secret home spa

Dachbodenausbau schulz.rooms Moderner Spa



The space beneath your roof and above your typical living spaces is extremely versatile, and this renovation shows the magnificence that can be achieved with a lavish renovation. Taking the attic space of this home, the architect has infused a sense of extravagance and luxury by the use of a sauna and fireplace. This disused attic space has been transformed into a home spa, a 5-star experience that bears all the trimmings of a luxury retreat.

Mezzanine library

The mezzanine is one of the simplest yet effective ways to make the most of attic roof space. Not technically an attic room, or indeed an attic at all, this area takes the disused loft space within a home and transforms it into a smart and convenient library. Consider lighting when creating a mezzanine, and incorporate skylights or extra windows to ensure your new space is luminous, bright and airy.

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