A home of modesty and style

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A home of modesty and style

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse im Landhausstil von Lozí - Projeto e Obra Landhaus
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We often show homes whose exteriors mirror the interior. Sometimes it's obvious, while other times it's a mystery as to what lies beneath the exterior design.

The home we're looking at today looks simple from the outside, but absolutely glows from the inside. Both are simply designed, but that doesn't underrate the interior one bit. The architects at CANATELLI ARQUITECTURA E DESIGN, who were responsible for the construction of this house, have succeeded in taking the simple design and the clear tones from the outside inwards and have created an ambience that is completely in harmony with the outside effect .

Clean façade

The design of this house follows a linear structure. The roof slopes gently downwards in both directions and the terrace that runs along the side of the home opens up to a small garden. The large terrace doors connect the interior with the outside area and let a lot of light inside.

Narrow terrace

Warm brick tiles were laid out along the side of the house to create this terrace. A small patch of land remains untouched for a cute little garden. To add interest and variety to this rather plain area, plants of different heights were added. The terrace is covered with a pergola, which is in the same style as the walls of the house.

All-white kitchen

The same bright tones we saw on the roof and façade of the building have been mirrored here in the kitchen. The countertops were fashioned from marble for a long-lasting and elegant-looking work surfaces. For contrast, grey tiles on the wall were used as backsplash.

Separating spaces

The open kitchen is separated from the rest of the living area by a breakfast bar in warm wooden tones, which gives the whole area a comfortable aura. The bar is decorated with white wooden chairs and bright, minimalist hanging lights illuminate the area. 

The bathroom

The bathroom is also decorated with simple and bright colours. Nevertheless, in contrast to the minimalist design of the other rooms we have seen, this room is much more luxurious. This impression is achieved with the use of natural stone and white colour palette.

Evening enjoyment

Before we finish the tour, we thought we'd take one more look outside at the entertainment area. Here is where these residents celebrate life! With a full bar, eating area, and full professional-sized billiard table, this outdoor entertainment area is second to none. 

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