10 simple lighting ideas to make your evening special

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Home, the word says it all! It’s a place to call your own; which

is an extension of your personality; where you can relax and entertain; where you look forward to come after a long day or simply a place where you can be yourself. In today’s world evening is the only time when you can sit and enjoy the coziness of your home with your family or friends. Then why not light it up to make it special?

A simple lighting arrangement is the easiest and cheapest way to give a creative touch to your home and elevate its look. Take a cue from these ideas and give your personal touch for those special evenings… .

Drama on the wall

Exposed brick wall, open kitchen, evening coffee or dinner, dim lights from wall-mounted lights creating drama, and you with your family; what else do you need to feel at home. If this is what your living room, dining and kitchen looks like, be ready to entertain your families and friends frequently.

Drops from above

Soothing colors on the wall, a comfortable sofa, beautiful and modern painting adorning the wall and lights dropping from the spiral chandelier from above, it is delightful. The subtle décor with perfect lighting is mesmerizing.

Illuminating the cabinets

Lights spreading from the hidden sources in the kitchen and its cabinets create a soothing and mysterious setting and at the same time highlight your prized possession, the impressive ceramics. It would be a pleasure to cook a dinner with and for your family here if lighting is so emancipating. Isn’t it? This idea of illuminating the cabinets can be done in the study, dining room, and bathroom or any where you want.

Pendant lights for magic

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Reveal your creative best with pendant lights in odd numbers. Even numbers are too predictable when it comes to decorating the home. Be different! Choose an odd number of lights and different levels over your coffee table or dining table and see the magic.

Light up the terrace

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Terrace is a perfect place for evening cup of tea or coffee or after dinner gossips. Then why not light it up! If you have a garden in terrace then dress it up with lights. Hide the lights in between the plants and see the drama. Comfortable couch, a pleasant evening and romantic lights, it will make your day!

Light up the blue

For the majority of us it remains a dream to have such a huge pool right in our home. But for ideas to flow you don’t need a big pool. If this design attracts you, create a small pool in the garden or terrace and lighten it up. If you don’t have a space for small pools too, no problem. Bring home an aquarium and light up the blue.

For a romantic getaway

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Switch off the main light of the room and lighten up the cluster of small lights or candles on a corner table and feel the romance around you. Sometimes less is more! Less is definitely more for a romantic evening or even if you want to meditate. It all depends on you.

Brighten up the steps

Staircases are usually a neglected spot of the home as far as lightening is concerned. But if you have young people at home you will know the importance of staircase. It’s a perfect place for them to sit and gossip. The lights emitting from beneath each of the steps will make the home look bright and youthful.

Cozy and relax corner

A corner to call own with a signature touch! There is nothing fancy here. A colorful mat, some cushions thrown over it, plain wall with a beautiful madhubani painting on it, a large and a small plant to bring in the green and lights spreading from above; this corner will definitely become a favorite hangout place of your family.

Hanging lights

Symmetry is in nature and it is beautiful. Why not try it at your home? Symmetrical chandelier hanging over a staircase will compliment it and transform it into a beautiful hiding place for some ‘me’ time if you need so.

Still looking for some more inspiration? Click here to make your home the homify home.

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