12 of the best dark winter florals for your home

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12 of the best dark winter florals for your home

Roz ffrench Roz ffrench
Commercial Tropische Wände & Böden von Pixers Tropisch
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Winter is coming… It's time to get our homes in order for the end of the year and prepare them for winter; this means getting the colours sorted out! Winter means that cold is coming, and it's coming quickly. There's nothing we love better than to have our home lovely and warm, and to be snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate, and all of these tips for winter florals will help you on your way to comfort.

We have 12 of the best winter florals for your home right here at homify and tips on how to use them, so take note!

1. Bright and beautiful

Exotic Flowers Tropische Wände & Böden von Pixers Tropisch

Exotic Flowers


When it's grim and gloomy outside, the least you want for your home is to have it start reflecting the gloom of outside. So bring some colour to it! Add in some bright morals amongst a dark background to make it pop, and your home will be as bright and you wish it was outside. 

2. Calm and chilled out

Floral Dream von homify Ausgefallen

Floral Dream


To achieve a chilled, relaxing atmosphere in the winter, use calming colours such as blue and neutrals. If you find winter stressful, with Christmas coming up, keep your dark winter florals where you can really use them – like your living room or your bedroom. 

3. Purple bedroom

Tropical Night silk bed linen von homify Tropisch Seide Gelb

Tropical Night silk bed linen


Speaking of the bedroom! This beautiful, silky, deep purple makes you just want to snuggle up and hibernate until winter is over. Dress your bed in deep, winter colours such as purple and indigo to embrace the new season even whilst snoozing in bed after a long day.

4. Brilliant burgundy

Burgundy is an evergreen colour – it's wonderful all year round. Use burgundy floral patterns all about the house; furniture, rugs and wallpaper. Many of us love burgundy, so it isn't too hard to find!

5. Statement floral

Appledorn Tulip Wallpaper Indigo von Occipinti Ausgefallen

Appledorn Tulip Wallpaper Indigo


Who doesn't love a statement floral? Turn one of the walls in your bedroom or living room into a feature wall full of floral patterns and bring the room to life. It's best used in the living room or a bedroom, because it can be a little touch of your personality in a room of your own.

6. Gorgeous cushions

Richmond - Guest Bedroom Ausgefallene Schlafzimmer von Roselind Wilson Design Ausgefallen
Roselind Wilson Design

Richmond – Guest Bedroom

Roselind Wilson Design

Family homes are usually filled with cushions, so take the opportunity to rejuvenate your home with floral cushion covers. They can add a perfectly dainty detail to an otherwise uncomplicated room. 

7. Floral curtains for winter

Floral swag and cascade curtain. von Alf Onnie Klassisch
Alf Onnie

Floral swag and cascade curtain.

Alf Onnie

When it comes to the colder nights, we need to replace our thin summer curtains with some thick, insulting ones. Choose curtains made rom floral patterns to bring a little bit of summer into the home and maintain warmth.

8. Pinks for the bathroom

Using deep pinks is a beautiful way of using the colours of spring and summer in the home; it's a respectful nod to the coming months and makes it feel like winter will fly by – you'll be in the sun in no time…

9. Deep floral rugs

Rugs are perfect for winter time. They give our feet a little softness to walk on and can be the best accessory for a room. Floral patterns in deep, dark colours are ideal for getting your home ready for the winter. This rug, for example, is simply beautiful in different shades of purple, blue and indigo. It reacts to the light in the room and shows its floral patterns when lights hits from different angles.

10. Neutrals for the bedroom

A Stunning Master Bedroom with White Floral Wall Mural & Lime Edge Rug Moderne Schlafzimmer von Design by Deborah Ltd Modern
Design by Deborah Ltd

A Stunning Master Bedroom with White Floral Wall Mural & Lime Edge Rug

Design by Deborah Ltd

At number ten, we have this gorgeous beige colour for your winter florals. Using a shade as dark as this makes the room a sacred place of relaxation and calm. It's just what we need when winter gets stressful! You can pair this neutral with darker colours to achieve the ultimate winter floral.

11. Black patterns

For the minimalists out there, black and white floral patterns can be that touch of personality and fun that you need in the winter. It is the staple of any modern style room; the clean patterns and the contrast of two opposite colours. They don't clash with any other colour and make it super easy to add other colours later on.

12. Grey winter florals

Classical Ballet Skandinavische Arbeitszimmer von Pixers Skandinavisch

Classical Ballet


There's a whole diverse spectrum of shades for grey and other neutral tones. Deep greys create a relaxing atmosphere of contentment in any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. In some cases, the floral patterns amongst the greys are quite subtle, and therefore beautifully calm to the eye. Greys are a definite favourite!

If you liked this list and want to know more about decorating your home for a brand new year, check out how to decorate your home from scratch!

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