9 Ideas to renew the home entrance with stone slabs

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An impressive façade enhances the character and class of a house and architects use a wide variety of decorative materials like textured concrete and paint to make it as impressive as possible. While glass and wood have been commonly used for several years to enhance house facades, stone has found it hard to carve a niche on its own due to its rustic appearance. Even though stone was one of the most used materials for construction houses in classic era it has found few takers in modern age.

However, in recent years stone has made a strong comeback due to its availability in varied shades, shapes and textures. Architects are using stone slabs for designing both interior and exterior regions of residential and commercial buildings around the world. Due to their low maintenance cost and ability to withstand climatic changes better than standard bricks, stone slabs are increasingly becoming popular.

1. Colorful stone slabs surround the entrance

Here is a modern white door that is set amidst colorful wall created out of stone slabs that are cut out in neat squares.  This type of stone wall décor that is created by attaching small squares of stone slabs to the wall with a special adhesive gives a textured and unique appearance to the façade. Stone here has a prominent presence and manages to retain its rustic elegance despite being surrounded by modern touches like wooden entrance door and small wall lamps around the entrance.

2. Rough edge to curvy wall

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Plain curved wall close to your trendy front door diverting attention? Why not turn it into a worthy background so that viewers' attention stays focused by covering it with slabs of locally available stones in your backyard? Sometimes home builders use stones excavated during the foundation process to build a boundary wall or make creations like these. Stones of varied hues like grey, black,  orange, brown and dark shades of yellow form an imperfect pattern on the wall and therein lies its beauty.

3. Eclectic combination of slate and wood

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Why have the same boring concrete wall as entrance if it can be given a creative twist with something that is naturally available and will keep the home cool too? We bring you a pleasant entrance enhanced by beige slate stone slates fitted along the entire wall giving an almost rustic touch to the house's exteriors with wood door and window. The stone wall here can be made out of real stone pieces or with faux stone panels that can be fitted onto the wall to enhance both insides and outsides of the house. The plants add to the natural touch that is being maintained here.

4. Stong dark tones for a corridor style entrance

With a dark false ceiling panel above the entrance it was considered appropriate to have a dark textured wall and have a fortress style wall for the corridor entrance. The stone slats have been placed horizontally to improve their visual appeal and counteract the pure white opposite it. The stone wall accentuates this side of the hallway with a rough textures and colorful tones of orange, grey, brown and black stones.

5. Partnership of stone and iron

The striking facade built of stone and iron is as strong and powerful as it appears with twin columns of stone around the steely entrance. The stone walkway leading up to the entranceway adds to the glamor of this house that has its door number edged in steel and nailed into the stone wall. Exterior lighting ensures that the beauty of its stone façade does not fade even at night and there is a powerful purple glow at the entrance.

6. Wood door with a stone parapet

The large square wooden door dominates the entrance with its unusual curved line patterns in tune with the stone structures that support it. The flowing design of the stone is like waves of water along the border wall leading up to the front and form a beautiful partnership with the stone pathway before the door. The door is illuminated by bright lights along the bushes and also by lights on the square wooden awning above the door.

7,. Where stone and wood form a beautiful partnership

Combining a wall of stone with a wooden grate in white may seem unusual for an entrance but these bring charm and style to the corridor like pathway leading up to the front door.  The modern house has a simple doorway comprising of glass door framed in wood that is supported by a forbidding stone wall made out of strong blocks of stone plastered together like a regular brick wall.  The neutral colors keep the region calm and soothing.

8. Grey stone wall cladding

In this illuminated entrance the smooth granite floor complements the rustic dark stone boundary wall in gray created out of stone cladding for a rough finish. The other sections of this region comprising of single wooden door, wooden plant holders and smooth granite slabs  before the door make an interesting addition to the façade. The stone wall has been placed to accentuate the border with line texture as the stone chips are placed in uneven layouts in different sizes and shapes on the wall. The upward focused lighting along the wall highlight the shadows and planes of the stones one giving it a classy allure.

9. Stone wall extending into the house

The entrance wall here extends into the interiors of the house and is  manufactured out of grey ceramic.  enters the house passing the door of large format wood, with the frame of the same material. The color of the stone in this case, almost white has some brown that make up some details that match the color of the wood of the main door.

Here are some Stone and wood combinations to make your entrances look fascinating.

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