20 hot interiors sure to fire up your imagination

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Modern, colorful, luxurious, unique and inspirational – that's what the interiors are in this collection of images today. We have found 22 of the most fashionable and most covetable decor designs that will no doubt spark your imagination and get you thinking about your own home.

So please, take a scroll through, start a wish list, enlist the help of an interior decorator and create your dream abode!

1. Simplicity combined with a rustic edge.

This striking kitchen is right on trend with it's blend of industrial appliances and rustic materials.

2. Color matching in different corners.

homify tip: neutrals are perfect as a base, then choose an eye-catching piece of furniture (that rainbow colored chair), then match other pieces to it's palette. Instant impact!

3. Retro inspired interior.

Sometimes looking to the past for decor ideas will make sure your home stays ahead of it's time. This living room combines sixties-style wooden features and block colors for a stunning look. 

Also: here are 15 more memorable, modern living rooms to add to your wish list.

4. Finished with mesmerizing patterns.

Patterned wallpaper sometimes is the final touch needed in a room. And don't be afraid to mix colors or designs – this bedroom does it well.

5. Striking the right balance.

This living room has got it right with earthy tones, natural fibers and complementing pieces of furniture. There is equal amount of wood as there is cream color and it works.

6. A burst of color in the kitchen.

Just because kitchen appliances are metallic, and tables are (usually) wooden, doesn't mean you can't have bright colors in your room. Use the area behind the sink to inject some bold color.

7. All wood, all the way.

If in doubt, use nothing but wood in your interior and it will always like sophisticated and timeless.

8. Decorating with an Asian twist.

Furniture in neutral colors are always winners, especially when they are textural and sculptural. If a room can achieve zen, then this one certainly has.

9. Blue walls for peace and harmony.

This duck egg blue on the dining room walls create a striking backdrop against the dinner table. The darker color anchors the room, and will also be a great conversation starter!

10. Mix of styles and mix of colors.

What makes this a stunning look is the delicately patterned wallpaper set against the bright bold furniture. Find a few unique and unusual pieces for your room and it will look incredible.

11. Layers upon layers on the walls.

What a mix of textures, colors, and pieces in this bedroom/living room/dining room combo. The walls are layered with not only mirrors, but curtains, painted borders and pieces of art. And the result: stunning and stylish.

12. Decorating to create divisions.

The same room, a different angle. The forest green wall is the perfect backdrop for that long couch. It outlines where the lounge is, dividing it from the rest of the room.

13. Old fashioned with a twist.

And again: this cozy corner belongs to the same room above – not that it's obvious though. And what a corner it is. Retro upholstery plus designer furniture is a great look.

14. Bold and beautiful.

The colors here are bold; the furniture, bulky and the result: beautiful. This is a kitchen with personality!

15. Leaving a mark with lines and grids.

Decorating with poetic touches – that's what we like to see! The lines of the wall work wonders with the grid-like structure of the wine storage behind.

16. Growing a garden inside.

How to have an indoor garden without it looking tacky and messy? Hang baskets full of greens off stylish wall brackets. Then you can also have more space underneath for even more plants.

17. Materials that merge spaces together.

The concrete floor of this kitchen runs seamlessly into the outdoor patio space, connecting the two together. A wonderful idea!

18. Refining an eclectic taste.

Sure, a whole myriad of styles can work together – but it's about finding the thing that ties them together. The classic wooden shelving here is large and attention grabbing, but works well with everything else. 

19. Color offset by black and white.

The black and white photography on the other end of this dining room is the best backdrop for the bright blue table and the eclectic mix of chairs. And that gold lampshade – wow!

20. Classic taste always wins.

At the end of the day, the thing that will always impress, and that will always look good, is classically designed, high quality furniture. And this chair is exactly that: unforgettable and long lasting.

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