12 beautiful beds perfect for small spaces

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12 beautiful beds perfect for small spaces

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Tango Schlafzimmer von Resource Furniture
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A small bedroom certainly doesn’t mean you have to compromise with a lacklustre or inferior sleeping space. We’re going to show you some seriously swoon-worthy beds that are perfect for your compact, minute or one-room home. Let’s face it, your bedroom is a sanctuary, and consequently needs to offer solace, rejuvenation and relaxation. And what is the best way to do that you might ask? You need a comfy, cosy and sumptuous bed of course!

Are you looking for inspiration? We’ve got 11 examples that are sophisticated, stylish, warm and welcoming. Check them out below!

1. The space-saver!

Nothing will be lost underneath this bed; with plenty of storage space, this design is sure to impress.

2. Elegant and serene

von homify Skandinavisch

This bed is part sleeping space and part storage setup with light timber furniture that looks and feels wonderfully serene.

3. The moveable bed

Minimalistische Schlafzimmer von homify Minimalistisch

This bed is a revelation for those living in small spaces! It can be pulled along tracks and moved throughout the home, opening up areas with ease.

4. The bed that fits

Schlafnische mit Fenstern Moderne Schlafzimmer von Holzgeschichten Modern

Schlafnische mit Fenstern


Fit your bed into a nook or crevice by having customised furniture fitted to the exact space’s dimensions.

5. Making the most of space

We love this colourful bedroom that includes bespoke furniture to maximise the functionality and efficiency of the space.

6. The foldout

Need a multi-purpose space? Then check out this neat foldout bed that is simple, effective and organised.

7. The bunk

Bunk or loft beds are apartment favourites for a reason; they’re space-saving, stylish and offer a range of bedroom options.

8. The single bed

Sometimes you only have room for a single bed. Despite this, there are still plenty of ways you can achieve your ideal bedroom design. This setup has been designed with a moveable workstation-cum-table, so you never have to leave your bed!

9. The studio bed

Do you live in a studio apartment? This is the bed for you! Separated by privacy screens, this cosy and handy bed is definitely a winning design.

10. The bed with a view

This micro home offers a wonderful layout considering its petite size. The bed is located next to the window, providing views and plenty of light.

11. The bed platform

A bed platform can provide storage, as well as raise the height of the bed to meet the window.

12. The daybed

Skandinavische Schlafzimmer von sreda Skandinavisch

Perfect for lounging and cosying up on a rainy day, this compact bed setup is wonderfully simple yet effective.

Small spaces are tricky to organise, read another Ideabook here: 9 bedroom decor mistakes to avoid at all costs to learn more about domestic design.

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