Things you should not have at home if you are over 30 years old

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Things you should not have at home if you are over 30 years old

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
von Auraprojekt
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We all have bad habits that we picked up from years of living alone on a budget as a student or struggling young adult. But if you’re 30 years old and still eating 2 minute noodles for dinner in front of the TV, then it’s time to reconsider living conditions. In this edition of homify, we aim to tackle the top 20 terrible errors in judgment that may still plague your interior décor. From those broken sofas you inherited from your grandmother to that disastrous kitchen, these common mistakes should not be found in the homes of 30-somethings.

Now, we know it’s probably not that easy to fix your décor faux pas, and no one expects you to do it overnight, but with the help of professionals from homify, you can get your house looking chic and stylish without forking out a great deal of money, interested? Well, continue reading and check what home living habits you should’ve kicked ages ago.

1. Plastic chairs decorating your terrace or garden. They may be economical and practical, but honestly they do not give a good impression of design.

Save for a while and purchase some sturdy wooden chairs for your outdoors.

​2. High school diplomas and certificates still decorating your walls?

It may be best to file them for safe keeping instead.

3. A disastrous zone for a kitchen

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

The kitchen should always be clean, tidy and ready for meal prep, and in your 30’s, your kitchen is the ultimate way to entertain guests with some gourmet dishes.

4. An underutilised patio

It is better to have a small patio that is ready to be enjoyed at any time.

​ 5. Don’t decorate like a student anymore

Some stylish features

Add some brilliant colour, gorgeous lighting and comfortable furniture to enhance that cosy environment.

6. Paper plates

A complete dinner service is essential for that old fashioned couple dinner party you always wanted to throw.

7. Sleeping on just the floor

Better buy a small, affordable bed… your spine will thank you.

8. No duvets and bed linen

Sleep in style and comfort

Opt for a cosy bed with comfortable bed linens in your bedroom and as many pillows as you like.

Now sophisticated

It’s amazing what a modern and fresh entrance can do for your mood.

10. A hot tub for the wrong reasons.

When you’re younger you think of ways to impress friends,but the older you get, the less important it becomes to do so. Get a hot tub for you to enjoy and relax in on a regular basis.

​11. Dirty and cracked walls

Moderne Häuser von homify Modern

Clean them up and add a coat of paint.

​12. Unused items

von toki Skandinavisch

Get rid of them.

​ 13. Furniture with sharp edges or glass decor, this is especially important if you have small children.

Renovierung eines Einfamilienhauses von INNEN LEBEN Klassisch

Renovierung eines Einfamilienhauses


14. Damaged and hanging cabinet doors

von toki Skandinavisch

It’s time to repair those broken doors for a cleaner and uncluttered looking kitchen.

15. Hide the wires and cables

von toki Skandinavisch

16. Fix up those broken appliances from the air conditioner to the washing machine.

von homify Skandinavisch

​ 17. Take responsibility of your plants in your conservatory

Care for all your flora and greenery to keep your home looking and smelling fresh.

18. Ugly furniture that is in a bad state

​ 19. A disorganised office

Koloniale Arbeitszimmer von acertus Kolonial

Neat and tidy

Moderne Arbeitszimmer von acertus Modern

It’s amazing what a coat of paint and some exceptional lighting can do.

20. Decorate as if you are still a teenager

Fototapete Rosa von Mediterran

Fototapete Rosa

Opt for some neutral shades and textured bed linen for a relaxing space. Now that you are entering into adulthood, consider some of The top 10 most popular dining rooms of the year

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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