11 prefabricated homes built to last

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11 prefabricated homes built to last

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Solarhaus III in Ebnat-Kappel CH, 2000:  Häuser von Dietrich Schwarz Architekten AG,Minimalistisch
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If your ideas about prefabricated homes all focus around small, pokey and old fashioned buildings then think again! Prefabs are being designed by amazing architects in order to get more from difficult sites and offer style in a new and exciting way. You won't suffer from a lack of space either, as with a full compliment of necessary rooms, from a bathroom through to a kitchen and living room, these homes have it all! Come with us now as we take a look at some truly extraordinary houses that we think you'll be surprised by!

1. Industrial chic.

With the galvanized body and natural wood paneling, this home looks every inch a modern dream! There has even been a terrace included, in order to get more from the open-plan interior layout!

2. Striking and stunning.

 Häuser von ÁBATON Arquitectura, Landhaus
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

You have to take a second and third look at this home, don't you? Beautifully located, breathtakingly modern and with no small amount of home comforts and luxury, this is perfect for paring back!

3. Back to nature.

When all you want to do is get away from it all, a little wooden prefab, away from the city is ideal. Simple to construct but beautiful when they're finished, nature becomes your back garden!

4. Shhhh! It's a secret!

 Ladenflächen von Vipp, Industrial

Vipp Shelter


Tucked away in the woods is this amazing home that looks like something time forgot! Super cool and easily disguised, thanks to almost mirrored window glass, it's the dark and brooding feel that really entices us!

5. A perfect blend.

 Häuser von KITUR, Landhaus

Modern architecture and classic aesthetics can go hand-in-hand, as this charming wooden clad house shows. With a T-shape design in place, the internal space must be large and out here, there is a decent plot too, perfect for growing veggies!

6. Hidden in the woods.

This is what you call a tree house! Talk about every kid's dream! This is far more than a tree house though, as it could easily sustain a high standard of living. You have to admit that prefabricated houses are seeming appealing now and not only because they offer new and exciting location possibilities!

7. Something more grounded.

If all of these houses have been a little smaller than you'd like, take a look at this one! Grand, opulent and unapologetically luxurious, it was also built as a prefab. Adding some amazing cladding means that we don't think anyone would ever be able to guess!

8. Sun worshiper.

Solarhaus III in Ebnat-Kappel CH, 2000:  Häuser von Dietrich Schwarz Architekten AG,Minimalistisch
Dietrich Schwarz Architekten AG

Solarhaus III in Ebnat-Kappel CH, 2000

Dietrich Schwarz Architekten AG

With a perfect outlook and uninterrupted surroundings, this prefab home is certainly taking full advantage of all the natural light! Wall-to-wall windows and a sloped roof design simply entice the sunshine into the house, which we know is amazing inside, not to mention bright!

9. Try a little minimalism.

:  Häuser von homify,Minimalistisch

We all know that prefab homes are getting more modern, so it makes sense that they are a great way t capture a more minimalist aesthetic. After all, if you move from a large house to a stunning prefab, do you really want to take all your clutter? This home is minimalism perfected and we love the rich, dark exterior color!

10. Party heaven.

 Häuser von Adam Knibb Architects, Modern
Adam Knibb Architects

Bluebell Pool House

Adam Knibb Architects

Are you starting to notice just how high-end all of these homes are? Just take a look at this one, with beautiful cladding ad a pool, right outside. Yes, it's a prefab, but we are starting to see that all that means is your home could be built a whole lot quicker!

11. Getting away.

Could you build a regular bricks and mortar home here? No. You can have a stunning prefab though, because they are magical! Designed to fit and work with the landscape perfectly, this mountaintop retreat is as stylish as it is sturdy and protective. We would kill to live here!

If you've been pleasantly surprised by prefabricated houses, take a look at this article: A modern cabin.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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