24 Ideas for your driveway and entrance- simple but beautiful

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24 Ideas for your driveway and entrance- simple but beautiful

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
 Häuser von au cubo arquitetura, Modern
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Sometimes, you only have to focus on a couple of details to make the home entrance presentable and nice. In this ideabook, we will be discussing how a driveway can completely change your house's look.

After all, a driveway is more than a spot to put your car, it is a place that every guest arrives at before entering your house, and you obviously want to leave a good impression on them right from the start.

Here are 24 driveways which are simple and yet, beautiful:

​A wide entrance

It’s a wide entrance featuring tiled steps and floors all over. The remarkable feature here is the stone clad wall with few shrubs and sensational lights.

​2. Stone and woods

The designers of this house went for a simple yet smart combination that is wood and stone. Wild bushes, hanging lanterns acts like a cherry on the top.

​3. Rustic garden

An easy to do rustic garden has been shown in this image and the ruling element remains the wood and stone.

4. A wooden frame

A wooden frame is the simplest way to change the appearance of any façade and the facade here proves it in confidence.

​5. A minimalist garden

Incorporate a small garden in the driveway of the house and see how the aesthetic takes a new level.

​6. A wooden pergola

:  Häuser von homify,Modern

Nothing can be more exciting than having a wooden pergola in the entrance of the house. It’s like a nice welcome for your guests.

​7. Concrete and glass

:  Garten von homify,Tropisch

Glasses are a daring element for the front door, but after seeing this project, you can think of this as your next renovation ideas.

​8. A tropical garden

:  Garten von homify,Tropisch

Flowers and plants alone can change the way your façade appears. Try adding some tropical plants and notice the big change.

​9. A stainless steel gate

There is no hard fast rule of a good façade design, you just have to get a great element to elevate the aesthetic and here the task is done by the steel gate.

​10. A rustic porch

Include a rustic porch with traditional charm and make your facade the best in the neighbourhood.

​11. Bring in multiple elements

Here you can see a small garden, a concrete path, woods, glass, as well as sculptures and the combination have enhanced the beauty of the driveway miraculously.

​12. Warm and natural welcome

A coated stone wall is nothing less than a warm and natural welcome and this house proves it in sophistication.

​13. Simple porch

:  Terrasse von homify,Asiatisch

When the budget is tight, a two in one solution is the right option. Here the porch is adding space for fun along with giving a new look to the whole house.

​14. Open entrance

The project here depicts a simple and open entry with lots of warm lights and small garden.

​15. Mini pergola

Don’t want to do much, just add a mini pergola with some good lights and the difference will be visible.

​16. Make a way through the grass

Creating a stone path through the grass bed is the simplest yet smart thing to do with your home entrance. This house can be an inspiration for you.

​17. An entry of charm

:  Häuser von homify,Klassisch

This entry of charm has two simple elements, timber and stone flags, but the execution makes it one of the top inspirations we can have.

​18. Stones covering can be modern

Who said that stone clad walls just give a rustic look? Try the idea given in the image here and come up with a modern style.

​19. White and nature

:  Häuser von homify,Mediterran Keramik

Simple and beautiful tropical landscaping have always been one of the perfect choices for home décor and your façade can hold it too.

​20. Concrete and large wooden door

Give attention to the design of house numbers and it can be the show stealer for your façade.

​21. Modern door

 Häuser von Arki3d, Modern

The combination of flagstone and a wooden door can be modern and here you have the right example.

​22. Mediterranean inspiration

Modern and fresh inputs like flowers and marble make this entrance a desired option for driveways.

​23. Stone in yellow

:  Häuser von homify,Modern

Stones in yellow can make the façade stand out and it’s even easy to do.

​24. Modern and original

:  Häuser von homify,Modern

Good material for the entrance steps and a small garden by the side of it can make your façade an exception and here is one perfect example. Try these ideas and make your façade more welcoming.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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