9 small decor tweaks that anyone can do at home

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9 small decor tweaks that anyone can do at home

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
von homify Klassisch
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Our homes can become outdated much faster than we realise. And with the price of home decor items increasing, it's no wonder most homeowners are reluctant to update their accessories. But the thing is, our decor items that surround us have a way of making us feel a certain way, and old items tend to bring us down.

Luckily we can tweak our interiors to better fit new styles and help lift us up! We have a list of nine small decor changes that anyone can make that cost little to no money in the process. So if you want to up your spirits and your design, keep scrolling!

1. Let in more light

Natural light is essential to feeling happy, so put away those heavy drapes and let more light into your home. This contributes to an overall airy and light feeling which we're sure will bring you out of even the deepest slums. When you still need privacy, window sheers are an option and come in colour, so you can dress up your windows without obstructing all the light.

2. Combine the old with the new

1985 Chest of 4 Drawers von Vintage Apple Crates Rustikal
Vintage Apple Crates

1985 Chest of 4 Drawers

Vintage Apple Crates

Breaking out of the ordinary gives your home character and personality. You’ll notice you're much happier living in a place that has items that were collected over time, as each piece will have a story to tell, rather than having your run-of-the-mill cookie cutter magazine decor. So get a piece of vintage furniture, or even upcycle some old unused crates to mix things up.

3. Use pleasant scents

von homify Klassisch

Visual elements aren't the only things that make us happy. Go beyond the sense of sight and activate your sense of smell by adding scented candles and diffusers to your home.

4. Organise your extras

modern  von buss, Modern

Under Stairs Storage


A cluttered home is very, very sad home. Organise your extras so that you don’t have random items scattered about your house. 

5. Create a reading corner

Reading corner with cozy armchair Klassische Wohnzimmer von Katie Malik Interiors Klassisch
Katie Malik Interiors

Reading corner with cozy armchair

Katie Malik Interiors

You don't even have to commit to construction to build a nook in order to have a quiet reading area. Just pick your favourite or quietest corner in your home and set up shop with a big comfy chair, proper lighting, and perhaps an ottoman and you have a peaceful retreat right in the next room.

6. Incorporate happy and motivational art

Another way to tweak your decor and lift a few spirits is with some happy or motivational art. Wall decals like this are a great choice for this purpose, but you can also use framed quotes or cheerful posters.

7. Repurpose old books as decorative accents or centrepieces

Have a bigger collection of books than you know what to do with? Since they're only collecting dust on the shelves, why not repurpose them and use them as decorations themselves? 

8. Create a photo wall

Photographs, and family photos in particular, have a great affect on our emotions. They are memories that take us to days long past and transport us to happier places. When your decor and spirits need freshening, add or swap out your collection of photos, and you'll feel happy every time you see them.

9. Control your mood with colour therapy

Trinity Moderne Häuser von Mybeautifulife Modern

The theory on colour says that certain hues cause different emotions, and by being submerged in those colours, your happiness is affected too. So paint your room a calming or even energizing colour for a fresh new look. If you don't want to dedicate an entire room to one single colour, go with this idea here and use colourful lights to portray your moods instead. This idea is best used against white walls.

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VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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