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30 great styles for your kitchen

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Küche von Agence Glenn Medioni
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The kitchen is the heart of the home and should be treated as so. A lot of thought goes into the design and decorating of this space because it is one of the most important rooms of the house. It is where you cook for your friends and family, having meaningful conversations, and even make yourself feel better after a long day. The kitchen is a vital room in any house and it should be given a lot of time and attention when designing or redecorating it.

Below are thirty ideas for any size kitchen and any design style that will inspire you to transform this space into a place where you will never want to leave. Everything from super traditional to modern to down-right quirky, there is something for everyone on this list! Don't let the idea of designing a kitchen intimidate you, let yourself create a space that will be well-loved and well-used.

1. Modern style meets natural elements to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

High Gloss Open Plan Kitchen Moderne Küchen von Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern MDF
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

High Gloss Open Plan Kitchen

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

2. All white, or almost, make the kitchen feel very bright and open and also allows colorful elements to pop.

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula Moderne Küchen von Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern MDF
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Modern, contemporary Kitchen with Peninsula

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

3. Two-toned color schemes are a great way to make decorating easy since you only have to focus on two colors.

Wood effect open plan kitchen with island Moderne Küchen von Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern MDF
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Wood effect open plan kitchen with island

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

4. Rustic style incorporates wooden elements and exposed brick to create a cozy kitchen.

5. A monochromatic design palette, such as white or light gray, makes a kitchen feel much larger than it is.

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

6. Make your kitchen pop with a bold color scheme such as these bright yellow cabinets.

7. Create a calm cooking environment with a neutral color palette.

8. Modern meets rustic with this sleek kitchen and an exposed brick wall.

9. Feel groovy in a retro style kitchen with all modern appliances.

Moderne Küchen von ARQ_IN Modern

10. If you love entertaining, cooking, or simply have a large family, think about creating a kitchen with extensive counterspace so you can work efficiently.

11. Not all kitchens are equal, create a kitchen island that is functional for you, such as this angled one, to give your space character.

The Kitchen Mediterrane Küchen von Johnny Grey Mediterran
Johnny Grey

The Kitchen

Johnny Grey

12. For the traditional types, take inspiration from the Renaissance.

13. Wood is a very cozy element and great to make your kitchen really feel like the heart of the home.

14. Take Paleo to a whole other level by incorporating the outdoors into your kitchen.

15. Create a multi-leveled kitchen island that is also multi-functional.

16. Use creative lighting to instantly change the look of your kitchen.

Denkendorf | Deutschland Moderne Küchen von LEICHT Küchen AG Modern

Denkendorf | Deutschland


17. Curvy elements and bright colors will immediately take your kitchen into the future.

18. Create a whimsical space with decals for your kitchen cabinets and bring out your inner child.

19. Create a sophisticated kitchen with a black and white color scheme.

Chelsea Kitchen Klassische Küchen von Lewis Alderson Klassisch
Lewis Alderson

Chelsea Kitchen

Lewis Alderson

20. Your kitchen can also become your dining area by creating an extendable island that will be unique and functional.

21. If your kitchen is long and narrow make the best of it by creating as much counterspace as possible to make the most out of it.

Moderne Küchen von ZERO9 Modern

22. Storage is key in any size kitchen and can be put in any nooks and crannies that may be underutilized.

Cornforth White Shaker Kitchen Klassische Küchen von homify Klassisch

Cornforth White Shaker Kitchen


23. Use a patterned tile to make a funky and creative look for your kitchen.

24. For the artists out there, use this opportunity to make your kitchen a piece of art with unique pieces.

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

25. Use deep, rich tones to create an elegant and sophisticated look for your kitchen.

26. Cut through traditional piece with funky shapes to create a unique and interesting kitchen.

27. If you can't decide, use an eclectic mix of styles to create a kitchen that is all your own.

28. Natural elements are nicely complemented by an abundance of natural light.

29. A classic kitchen is a beautiful way to get everything you need as well as everything you want.

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

30. Think outside the box and design an incredibly unique kitchen island that flows with your design.

Italienische Designerküchen mit Küchenoberflächen aus edlem Echtholz Moderne Küchen von Küchengaleria Oßwald GmbH Modern
Küchengaleria Oßwald GmbH

Italienische Designerküchen mit Küchenoberflächen aus edlem Echtholz

Küchengaleria Oßwald GmbH
VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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