32 small and modern bathrooms to copy from instantly

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32 small and modern bathrooms to copy from instantly

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
Moderne Badezimmer von Alfonso D'errico Architetto Modern
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A bathroom is the most private room in a house, and it is more than just a place for your toiletries. Ideally, it should reflect the era in which we live. It can also be experimented with in terms of accessories and colours by introducing popular colours from the eighties or the floral and mustard theme of the sixties. However, like with a kitchen, the layout of a bathroom is vital as you can only change so much with a new coat of paint or attractive fixtures and furnishings.

For this reason, today we bring you 32 professional design ideas that can inspire you to make the most of the space available in your small bathroom.

1. Cement tiles can decorate the bathroom and give it personality

2. A comfortable bath tub + a spacious shower create a unique and functional environment

3. The combination of wood and white can have a phenomenal result

4. A mirror along with a skylight brightens up a small space

5. Stunning contrasts between the walls, furniture and shower stall

6. Light blue on the walls combined with white cabinets

7. The elongated shower stall on the left takes full advantage of the rectangular space

8. Space saving shelves

9. Completely white with warm wood furnishing

10. Tiled wall coating if white isn’t a favourite

11. A double sink with two different solutions

12. Hexagonal tiles behind the toilet area

13. Glass walls in the shower area

14. Parallel arrangement of main elements and another option if you don’t like white

15. The minimalist solution to a bath tub

Get ideas for minimalist bathroom design.

16. Large tempered glass structure that incorporates the shower

17. Refreshing wall coatings for a Mediterranean theme

18. Dark cabinet under the sink contrasts the beige walls

19. A floor level shower

21. LED backlighting behind the mirrors on the central wall

23. Warm tone of the floor and wall coatings

24. Textures brought in by the wall in the shower area and teak wood

25. The glamour of a chandelier

Minimalistische Badezimmer von bdastudio Minimalistisch

26. A sliding panel turns the tub into a shower

27. A classic touch in the fixtures and the sink

28. A vintage touch created by using cement tiles

29. An ethnic look with a few decorative elements

30. Extensive coverage with wood and cement

31. The shape of the basin

32. A mix of the classic tub + modern shower + rustic style

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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