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A private rustic home for modern city life

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Minimalistische Häuser von PFS-arquitectura Minimalistisch
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Here at homify, we have a brand new property to show you today. It could be said that this house is totally practical. An example of modern, minimalistic (and possibly futuristic) living. Space is key. In fact, space may well have been the inspiration for the design too, as it does evoke some kind of sci-fi pod or lunar dwelling. It may appear a little bland at first, but, as they say, never judge a book by its cover. So let's not jump to conclusions from viewing the exterior only! Come with us and discover what could be the ideal place for a young business person to hop onto the property ladder.

Two-tone facade

The first thing we notice is the two-tone colour scheme with cream upper wall and sandstone lower wall. The stone is reminiscent of old rock from the north west of Spain, and while the windows and sliding patio door have no real distinguishing features, this stone makes up for it in abundance. There's a nice colour contrast with the bright green grass, and any potential buyer would do well to consider importance that a vibrant garden can bring to a property.

Secluded entrance

Where's the door? That may be your first question. The second one might be, 'Is that wooden bit the door?' But in reality, the entrance is placed around the corner, securely out of sight. This immediately gives the home a safe, cosy and private feel.

Stylish stairway

In keeping with the minimalistic yet modern design, we see an open slatted stairway with glass side rather than a banister. The designer has decided on a strong use of dark wood, not only for the stairs, but also the doors behind. The lack of any back to the stairs, plus the see-through glass side, gives a floating effect which goes well with the futuristic style of the property.

Partitian wall

This striking partition is a series of wooden slats rather than a more mundane interior wall. It would be the homeowners' responsibility to use this to their advantage when deciding on some interior decoration. With natural wood, we could easily place a few house plants to make this room more pleasing to the eye.

Sleek kitchen units and sink

What we see here is a very sleek and modern kitchen area. No bells or whistles. Everything is neat, compact and practical. We do like the use of colour here; simple, calming and appealing. The wooden counter is a big positive, giving a much needed warmth to what could have been a very clinical area. For more information on kitchen planning, follow this link.

Bedroom and ensuite

It's unusual to see a bedroom with a translucent glass sliding door to the ensuite bathroom. Again, the architect has shown their intention to maximise space by using glass rather than walls or opaque materials. This does lighten up the room, although some people may wish to hang a curtain or blind for a little more privacy.

Wood effect

A wooden floor with wooden bedside panels offers a little bit more of an earthy ambience. A reminder of home, perhaps? There's a lovely exploration of colour in the dark wood against the white of the bedroom wall.

Rectangular block sink

Finally, we see that a chic and simple sink and full-length mirror to add space and depth to the small bathroom. This really could be something from the future, such is its minimalism!

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