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homify Ausgefallene Küchen Beige
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There are some apartments out there that have so many lavish touches and flashes of luxurious elegance that you have to wonder if there are any high-end materials or accessories left for anyone else's home and today's project is one such property! Full-to-bursting with glossy finishes, streaks of opulent color and lit to within an inch of its life, this apartment is the yardstick by which other luxury homes are no doubt judged and the interior designer in charge of curating it must have been beside themselves with a seemingly unconstrained budget to work to! If you love a good snoop around the crème de la crème of homes, then let's waste no more time talking and start looking!

Pretty in pink.

homify Ausgefallene Küchen Beige

What an utterly divine kitchen! Cream and beige cabinets keep the main body of the room neutral, with brushed metal accessories and hardware adding in a little contemporary styling for good measure, but it's that color on the splashback and television wall that grabs your attention! A muted yet marvelous way to add in some flirty tones, it really makes the small dining area come to life!

Unusual layout.

homify Ausgefallene Küchen Beige

Most people would have built their kitchen to fill the space entirely, but here, the extra slither of room that is captured by the window has been used as light-filled book display! The modern radiator manages to disguise itself perfectly , making the window shelving step forward and garner all of our attention. So different!

Lounging in style.

homify Moderne Wohnzimmer Beige

If the rose accent color in the kitchen blew you away, then prepare to fall in love with opulent gold next, as that's what makes this living room so special! Neutral walls have been accented with metallic stripes that glimmer in the sunshine, but with heavy gold drapes and buttery leather sofas in place, the whole room feels elegant and geared towards serious comfort and style. The rug looks to be a super deep pile too, meaning you must sink into it as soon as you walk in! Heaven!

Nothing lacking.

homify Moderne Wohnzimmer Beige

Spin around in the living room and you see this huge wall-mounted television that must make the room feel like a home cinema every day! The gray storage unit looks gorgeous and with its glossy facade, reflects the enchanting fire light to create a very cozy spot!

One hell of a hallway!

homify Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus Beige

Imagine walking into a home and this being the hallway! The use of curved walls, mirror panels, soft gray on the walls and a natural wood floor all come together to create an area that is simultaneously overwhelming but also understated. That's some clever design right there, but then you get taken in by the ceiling lights! This whole area makes you want to explore!

Purple haze.

homify Moderne Schlafzimmer Pink

What an impact some piquant purple touches have made to an otherwise neutral bedroom! By dividing the space to include a large wardrobe that has a built in dressing table, a compromise has been made on the size of the room, but in the best possible way. Those pendulum lights are phenomenal as well!

The cutest kids room!

homify Moderne Kinderzimmer Lila/Violett

A little more purple has been added here and helped to create a child's room that looks super cool and will age with the little one easily. A pretty day bed adds a grown up feel to the room, but serves as extra handy storage too and a sofa makes the space feel really self-contained, which all children love!

A bling-tastic bathroom!

homify Moderne Badezimmer Lila/Violett

Purple must be a favorite color in this home, as this bathroom is gorgeous, finished in heather tones! A little splash of mosaic tiles maintains the high-end finishes we have seen throughout the home and a corner shower ensures the best payout possible for the size of the room. Wow! What a way to finish our tour!

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