Attic transformation: From drab to cool!

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Attic transformation: From drab to cool!

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  von Home Staging Factory
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This attic transformation is the perfect example of how to transform a space with just a little effort. No heavy construction involved, this attic was given a new life with new paint and furniture upgrade. Let's take a closer look.

Before: living room

The living room shows a lot of potential with the exposed structure and natural timbre floor. However, the dark colors make it look gloomy and smaller than it really is. 

After: living room

With the magic of white paint, the living room has been transformed to a relaxing abode. The floor, wall, and ceiling have all been retained. With a little tweaking--a light pastel colored couch replacing the old one, a carpet partially covering the floor, and some artworks being placed on the wall-- the space looks and feel a lot cozier.

Before: Dining room

The dining room had the same problem as the living room. The dark ceiling makes the room look small and heavy. The dining set is not helping either.

After: dining room

One again, we solved the problem with the same solution. The walls and ceiling were painted white to give the room a light and relaxing feel. The dining table and chairs were likewise changed to white. Notice how the couch and dining chairs have similar shades of blue. This makes the open space flow continously.

Before: bedroom

The heavy wood element makes the bedroom look small like the rest of the house.

After: bedroom

With the same magic potion (white paint!), the bedroom turned into something more inviting.

After: bedroom (view from outside)

Don't you just love how all the parts of the attic are coming together? The entire space is flooded with white light with touches of blue in the cushions.

After: bedroom (a closer look)

Like the rest of the attic, the bedroom is easier to the eyes.

After: bedroom and living room

We love the idea of open space in the attic and how each room are connected.

Before: loft

This attic is bigger that you think. It even has a bedroom loft upstairs. From the curtain patterns to heavy wood, all the details in this room makes it look cramped.

After: loft

This is another area of the house that needs a little white magic. Doesn't it look totally different from how it was?

After: loft

The window is a great source of natural light. And opening up to a beautiful view is better than a patterned curtain or a painting on the wall.

After: loft

Bright colored pillows and linen serve as an interesting contrast to an all white room.

Before: loft

This corner of the loft just looks sad and abandoned.

After: loft

We like how it was turned into a small reading nook.

Before: art studio

This attic is just beaming with potential and it's full of surprises. Who would have thought there's an art studio tucked in this corner?

After: art studio

Complement the blank canvas with the clean white wall. Make the area a little more comfortable with a carpet and colorful cushions.

After: loft and art studio

This revived area looks more vibrant and alive with bright colored linen and cushion.

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